Thursday, April 27, 2017

La Musica Del Cuore Teaser

Edward’s mouth crashed hungrily against mine. He tasted like champagne and the tiramisu we’d shared prior to opening our anniversary presents. His hands glided along my sides, inching my dress further up my body. I still held fears of being watched, but within the safety of our house, in our bed, those fears dissipated somewhat. My wanton need for my husband was something that overrode my fears. My pussy was throbbing for him, his hands, his lips, his cock.

“Edward,” I panted, pulling away as I gasped for air.

“I love hearing you call for me like that,” he growled against my neck, his tongue sliding along my pulse point and nipping gently at my skin. “Breathy, needy, desperate.”

“Fuck, touch me, baby,” I begged. He smiled against my neck, tugging me up and unzipping my dress. The fabric moved away and Edward’s voice deepened as he saw my bare skin. My nipples were erect, yearning for his lips, his hands. “Are you going to stare or touch?”

“Both,” he said, kissing me deeply and pushing me back. He slid my dress off my body and I was left in nothing but a pair of lacy panties, which were undoubtedly drenched from my arousal. He was still between my legs, his fingertips gliding along the tops of my thighs and up my ribcage. His brace from his fractured knuckle was gone and I stared at his long fingers while the danced along my skin. “There will be no part of you that will not be touched by me, Isabella Marie Cullen. I will taste your skin, sucking on your delicious tits.” Whimper. “Then, I’ll move my tongue to your pussy, lapping all your juices until you come all over my face, dousing me with your cum.” Gasp. “That’s just the beginning. Before you can even come down from your wet, juicy, messy climax, I’m going to slide my cock into your pussy and make you come again.”

“Edward,” I pleaded.

“And the grand finale, baby, is taking your pretty little bottom. You’re so tight in your ass,” he growled, leaning forward and caging me with his body. “And your orgasms are so deliciously wet, too.”

“Fuck,” I whimpered, rubbing my pussy along his muscular thigh. He noticed and spread my legs, hooking them over his arms. “Edward, please …”

“You will get off, cantante,” he whispered. “Your orgasms are mine to control. Mine.” He released my legs, standing up and removing all his clothes, except for his black boxer briefs. I arched a brow, seeing his arousal stretch the fabric. “Once these come off, baby, I’ll want to fuck you to oblivion. I want to savor tonight.” Lightning flashed, making his pale skin look ethereal and his tattoos stand out even more. He lay down, his weight covering me and he ran his fingers along the turquoise necklace I still wore. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Bella.”

“So are you,” I said, dragging my fingernails through his sexily disheveled hair. He grinned crookedly, looking so much like the young man I’d met at Emerson University, but the smile turned into something carnal. That reminded me that he had grown up. He dipped his head, capturing my lips and sliding his tongue inside my mouth. I moaned, hooking my legs around his trim hips. He rolled his body, his cock pressing against my lace-covered pussy. 

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