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The One That Got Away Update

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After the first class, Bella was on a high. She felt amazing and powerful as she taught the packed class of almost one-hundred students. They were excited, polite and eager to learn. The discussion they had was engaging and she was pleased with the level of intelligence among her students. It was a three-hundred level class, designed for juniors and seniors. The maturity and intelligence were a given, but it still surprised her.

Walking from the lecture hall, Bella went to her office in the library. She plugged her computer into its docking station and walked to the break room. Swiping her lunch box, she pulled out her meal and a piece of paper fluttered to the ground. Bending down, she saw a note from Liam and Lucy, hand-drawn and very sweet.

Dear Bella,

We know that you’re scared about your first day of school, but you’re going to be awesome! You’re going to be a cool teacher. Everyone wants to be in your class!
We love you!


Liam and Lucy

Below the note was a cute drawing of Bella in front of a class, smiling warmly at her students. Liam and Lucy had drawn themselves, waving excitedly in the windows of her classroom. She clutched the picture and grinned lovingly down at it. “From your kids?” asked an older woman, a coy grin on her face.

“Yes,” Bella nodded. “They knew I was anxious about my first day.” She folded the note and put it into the front pocket of her lunch box. “I’m Isabella Swan. I work here in the library and teach Contemporary Romantic Literature.”

“I’m Paulina Rowen,” she said, shaking Bella’s hand. “I’m one of the department chairs for the English department. My specialty is British Literature and introduction to English composition. One of the prerequisites for creative writing. Sarah said that you may teach that class next semester.”
“It’s a possibility,” Bella chuckled. “It’s nice to meet you, Paulina. Sarah told me about you when I interviewed. I’m sorry about your loss.”

“Thank you, Isabella,” Paulina said, giving Bella soft smile. “It was such a sudden loss. One moment, I’m laughing with my husband and the next moment, he’s in the morgue.” She sat down at the table, an ancient sadness crossing over her face. “I love him dearly and will always continue to do so. It’s weird to start another school year without him. He taught in the music department.”

“Music history and the concert choir, yes?” Bella asked. Paulina nodded, taking out her phone and showing her a picture. “He was very handsome.”

“He was,” Paulina chuckled, caressing his face on her phone. “But, enough of my wallowing. How was your first class?”

“It was amazing,” Bella replied. “I think this semester is going to be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to see their work, hear their thoughts and challenge their minds with my assignments.”

“I read your syllabus, and it will be challenging for these students. I think you will be an asset to the department,” Paulina beamed. “I like how you’re utilizing both the online component and traditional teaching methods. The students will latch onto that. And if you need any help, I’m more than willing to do so.”

“I do need help setting up the gradebook. Sarah said that it was recently changed over the summer and she’s not familiar with it,” Bella said.

“Let’s enjoy our lunch and then I’ll get you settled with the gradebook,” Paulina nodded. 

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