Thursday, March 16, 2017

La Musica del Cuore Update

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“I’m worried about Emmett,” Jasper whispered as we sat on the tour bus, driving to Miami. Emmett was sitting off on his own, spinning his wedding band and staring out of the windows, watching the scenery race by. “He’s been quiet since Rose dropped that bombshell that she wanted a divorce.”

“It wasn’t a bombshell, Jasper,” I said. “I think I always knew it was coming.”

“We all did,” Bella muttered. “I’m pissed at Rose for stringing my brother along, but I don’t blame her for ending their marriage.” She reached over and took my hand. “He’ll be fine. He’s just processing.”

“Are you certain?” Jasper asked. “I’ve never seen Emmett sit so still. He’s normally fidgeting, squirming or tapping on something. He’s just staring and spinning his wedding ring.”

“Just give him time,” Bella said, snuggling closer to me. “If he’s still so quiet once we get to Miami, I’ll talk to him. Okay?”

Jasper nodded and sighed heavily. “I feel for him. I really do.”

“We all do,” I said. “But, we need to give him time.”

“My concern is that this is going to hit the tabloids and they’ll be relentless toward him,” Kellan said. “Yes, he made mistakes, but he’s atoned for his sins. Nia’s been watching websites and most of the news around us has been surrounding your wonderful mother. Sorry, Bells. She’s a whack job.”

“Oh, I know,” she deadpanned. “But, my dad is pissed and he’s flying to Jacksonville to give Renee a piece of his mind. It won’t be pretty. He’s talking about pressing charges and … yeah … not pretty.”

“Good. I love the chief,” Kellan snorted. “I want him as my dad.”

“Don’t let Dad hear that, Kell,” Nia chuckled. Kellan threw a chip at his sister and she deftly dodged it. With a giggle, she turned a movie on and sat next to Jasper, snuggling next to him. I enfolded Bella in my arms. We arrived in Miami a short time later. Bella got out and threaded her arm with Emmett, pulling him away from the group as we checked into the hotel. I watched as she doted on him. She made him smile, hugging him tightly and undoubtedly reminding him that we all loved him.

She walked back over to me, weaving our fingers together. “How is he?”

“He’s surprisingly okay,” she said. “He said he wants to be alone, but he promised me that he won’t drink or do anything stupid. He’s just going to stay in his room.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” I asked.

“I do. Edward, despite Rose’s assurances that she’d give him a fair shake, he knew this was coming,” Bella sighed. “Though, I’m still pissed at her for saying that she would give him a chance. She lied.”

“You said that already, but I don’t think so, cantante,” I murmured. “Sometimes you just need to see someone in order to make that decision to end it. It’s a reminder that you can’t move past the issues, despite your best efforts to do so.”

“Still, she strung him along,” Bella grumped, allowing me to guide her into the lobby and into our private elevator to the penthouse suite. Inside, she stomped to the bed and collapsed onto the fluffy white bed and growled. “What a cluster!”

“I know, beautiful,” I said, laying down next to her and gathering her in my arms. “Come on. Let’s go down to the pool. Nia arranged for some cabanas and some quiet time in one of the smaller pools. Put on that sexy bikini and tempt me.”

“Are you horny?” she giggled, looking over to me, giving me a sexy grin.

“Um, duh,” I snorted. “Is there any doubt?”

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