Friday, March 3, 2017

La Musica del Cuore Update

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I didn’t remember the Atlanta performance. It was a complete a total blur. I was still not feeling a hundred percent. I felt better after I ate, but I felt like my head was disconnected from my body. I knew that everything went well and the crowd loved our performance, but I was oblivious. I stayed oblivious as Edward guided me back to the hotel. I took a shower, scrubbing my body and crashing as soon as I was done.

The next morning, when we left, I was a zombie and went directly to the back of the tour bus to get some more sleep. I was nauseous and very, very dizzy. Edward checked on me, taking my temperature. “You don’t have a fever,” Edward said, his fingers combing my hair. “Do you want something to eat?”

“Not really,” I shrugged. “I think all of this is just getting to me.”

“How about some tea? There’s some of that soothing herbal stuff,” Edward murmured, giving me his beautiful crooked grin.

“That actually sounds great,” I said, sitting up and a wave of nausea hit me. I hid it with a grimace. Edward frowned, getting up and kissing my forehead. He ducked out, making the tea in the kitchenette. I worked on the computer on the score for High Life. We were almost done with the score and just making final changes, suggested by Larry and Jerome. Edward came back with a cup of tea and some toast with grape jelly. He sat down next to me, looking at the score. “Do you think we’re almost done?”

“I’m just going through and making finishing touches,” I said, handing him the computer while I took the tea and toast. “Did they find any forensic evidence in this threat?”

“Possibly. The envelope and flowers are being sent to the lab in Quantico,” Edward said. “They have the best forensic lab in the country. If anyone can find anything, they can.”

I nodded, biting my lip and nibbling on the toast. “I hope that we get some sort of clue as to who’s doing this,” I grumbled. “And it doesn’t help that we’re going to Jacksonville, too.”

“Yeah,” Edward said, closing the laptop and sitting cross legged on the bed. “Phil called me while you were taking a nap, beautiful.”

“Oh?” I was shocked to hear this. Shortly after my wedding to Edward, Phil had had enough of my mom’s bullshit and divorced her. He moved out, leaving her the house and starting fresh in a different part of town. “What did he say?”

“He’d like to see you,” he explained. “He knows that your relationship with Renee is in the shitter, but he misses you, Bella.”

“I miss him, too. He was a good guy,” I shrugged, sipping my tea. “Have you heard from Renee?”

“No, but Phil said that Renee is not quiet about her disdain for you,” Edward growled. “Raging bitch.”

“Not a shocker there,” I snorted. “When are we meeting Phil?”

“Tonight, at the hotel. We’re going to have dinner with him,” Edward said. “Emmett’s going to be with us, too.”

“Awesome,” I said, feeling better. “Hopefully my mom won’t cause any issues, but not I’m not holding my breath. With our luck, lately, she’ll make some huge announcement tainting our reputation.”

“Again, further proof that she’s a raging bitch,” Edward deadpanned. “I know that she’s your mom, but she’s fucking nuts.”

“She is,” I sighed. “I should be more upset, but I’m not. She made her bed and now she has to lie in it.” I scrubbed my face, putting the plate on the nightstand and finished my toast. “We should be prepared for her special brand of crazy.”

“Kellan and Nia are already checking social media sites,” Edward chuckled, wrapping me in his arms. “We’re also posting some of the photos from the Rolling Stone shoot, with Angela’s blessing. It’s going to be a huge tease. We’re going to post it on our Instagram, twitter and website, coinciding with Rolling Stone’s media blitz, too. We need to keep things positive. You know?”

“Agreed,” I nodded.




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