Friday, February 10, 2017

The One That Got Away Update

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Twining their fingers together, Edward led Bella outside to the lavish outdoor space of the hotel. It was quiet, save for the croaking of the toads and subtle buzz of the crickets. In the distance, there was a gathering storm. Heat lightening flashed and the low rumble of thunder filled the humid air. They walked, stepping further away from the hotel ballroom and closer to the gazebo that was overlooking a quiet lake. Edward slid his arms around her waist, kissing her neck. “Exhibitionist?” he quipped, his voice deep and silky smooth.

“Seeing you in that tux? All I could think of is taking it off with my teeth,” Bella purred, leaning back against muscular body, angling her head so he could continue his seductive assault on her neck. “Hmmm, I like that. Your teeth on my skin …”

“How you like my mouth on your pussy?” he asked, his hand pressing between them and lifting the flowy skirt of her chiffon evening gown. “Feasting on your sweetness?”

“At home,” she breathed, turning around and pushing him onto the bench in the gazebo. “Only you get to see my pussy. No one else.” She straddled his lap, rolling her hips. “You’re so hard, Edward.”

“I’ve got the most beautiful woman in my lap,” Edward replied, giving her a deliciously crooked grin. “Kiss me, Bella.”

She smiled, brushing her lips against his. He sighed contentedly, pulling her closer to his body. Their kisses began innocently with simple caresses along Bella’s bare shoulders. With a rumbling growl, Edward slid his tongue between Bella’s lips as the first drops of the coming storm began to fall. Bella pulled away, looking around. “Ever made love in a rainstorm?”

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