Friday, February 3, 2017

The One That Got Away Update

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Driving to the mall, Lucy and Liam were chattering in the backseat, coming up with ideas for their daddy for his birthday/Father’s Day. Most of them were too extravagant or too expensive. “Daddy would love a sports car!” Lucy sang.

“And who’s paying for that?” Bella deadpanned. “How much money do you guys have for your dad’s gifts?”

“Fifty dollars,” Liam answered.

“Sports cars cost more than fifty bucks,” Bella snickered. “Let’s try and get him something that means a lot to him. What are some things that you do with your dad that make him and you happy?”

“I just like spending time with him,” Lucy answered, her nose wrinkled. “He works so much. I know he’s important because of his job, but I miss him.”

“He misses you, too. His office is covered with pictures of you guys,” Bella smiled, parking at the mall. “How about we get some pictures of you? There’s a picture place in the mall.”

“With you, too!” Lucy sang. “Wouldn’t that be awesome, Liam?” He nodded. Bella plastered on a smile, looking down at her casual attire of a pair of shorts and one of Edward’s Dartmouth shirts. The twins were somewhat coordinated with similar colors. “Come on, Bella! That would be awesome!”

“Well, I need to get some clothes since I’m looking very casual,” Bella giggled. Lucy nodded, looking a lot like Alice, appraising her critically. “I won’t be long.” They got out of the car, walking to a nearby big box store. Bella found a skirt and shirt that matched the twins, purchasing it without trying it on. She also got some makeup, paying for that and changing in one of the bathrooms.

“Bella, you’re so pretty,” Lucy said, her voice filled with awe as Bella put on the mascara. “No wonder why Daddy loves you. Doesn’t Bella look pretty, Liam?” Liam shrugged, responding like a typical boy. Lucy rolled her eyes, smacking her brother.

“Thank you, Lucy. You are just as beautiful,” Bella smiled, dabbing on some lip gloss. “And Liam, you are handsome and kind, just like your dad.”

“You think I’m kind, even though I was a total brat to you?” Liam asked, his brows shooting to his hairline.

“I understand that you were hesitant to trust me, Liam. You never were a total brat,” Bella argued.

“Yes, he was,” Lucy snorted, slipping her hand into Bella’s. “You’re too nice, Bella.”

“Okay, you were a bit of a brat, but I know that you are working on being nicer to me,” Bella smiled. 
“Now, let’s get those pictures taken and pick out some awesome picture frames for your dad.”

“You have to get something for Dad, too,” Liam said. “He needs a new watch. His died or something. It was one of those watches run on sunlight.”

“Let’s get the pictures taken and then we’ll pick out his present from me,” Bella said. She slipped her purse on her arm and offered her hand to Liam. He readily took it, walking with his sister and dad’s girlfriend to the picture studio. They had an opening and a photographer spent an hour with them, taking pictures at a nearby park. From the tiny screen, the pictures looked amazing and would be the perfect present for Edward. With a grin, they went back to the picture studio and chose the picture package, pooling money from both Liam and Lucy, but Bella covered most of it. They decided on picking six of the photos in several different sizes. Paying for the photos, the photographer said that the prints would be ready in an hour. 

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