Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The One That Got Away Teaser

I’m so sorry ~ E

What the fuck ever, Bella thought, tossing her phone into her purse.

She turned back to her school-issued laptop and continued working on the lecture and discussion questions for the tenth class of the semester. She had spent the evening in her office and was in a good place for her classes. “Why are you working? You’re not due to start working until the next week,” Sarah said.

Bella blinked up, giving her boss a smile, but it was forced. “I wanted to finish setting up my office and I got to working on my lectures.”

“You okay?” Sarah asked. “You seem sad?”

“Fight with my boyfriend,” Bella sighed. “It’s not a big deal. I just figured I’d work on my lectures. I didn’t want to go home. I’d sit and sulk.” Bella rubbed her chest, hating the pain she felt there. “I can leave it I’m not allowed.”

“Nonsense,” Sarah chuckled. “But, I think of something better to do than work on lectures. Want to get a drink?”

“That sounds good,” Bella replied, smiling shyly.

“Come on. There’s this cute little bar around the corner,” Sarah beamed. They walked to the bar and settled into a booth after ordering a couple of margaritas. “So, what happened with your boyfriend?”

“I don’t know if you’re aware of what’s going on with me,” Bella shrugged.

“I know that you just recently announced your pseudonym for writing, but it wasn’t by choice,” Sarah said, sipping her margarita. “But, other than that, I don’t know.”

“Announcing my pseudonym wasn’t by choice. It was going to come out since Mafia Princess was going to be made into a movie, but it was going to be announced closer to the beginning of production of the film,” Bella sighed. “But, we got an email from someone saying that they were going to out me and make me look like I was unfit to care for my boyfriend’s children. We both think it’s his ex-wife, my arch-nemesis from high school. She doesn’t want me to be involved with him and is trying to sabotage our relationship. She succeeded.”

“How so?”

“Edward and I had a huge fight today because of his ex-wife, or at least I think it was his ex-wife, approached both of his children while we were out running errands,” Bella grumbled. “He alluded to the fact that I may not be a suitable guardian. It broke my heart.”

“Wow,” Sarah frowned “I don’t think that Edward really believes that.”

“I don’t know. He was pretty adamant before I left,” Bella grumbled. “He sent me a text and tried calling, but I can’t talk to him. He hurt my feelings. Really hurt my feelings. I’d do anything for his children. I love them like they were my own. I wanted to pull that woman’s hair because she was terrorizing the kids. I just couldn’t get to her.”

“I’m sorry, Bella,” Sarah said. “Does Edward’s ex-wife have visitation rights?”

“No. She signed them away,” Bella explained. “And there’s a restraining order against her.”

“Have you told the police?”

“We haven’t really gotten to that point,” Bella said, scrubbing her face. “I left after Edward said I wasn’t capable of taking care of his children. I didn’t want him to see me cry. He shattered my heart, Sarah.”

“I think he knows that. You said that he texted you?” Sarah asked. Bella nodded. “He probably realized that his temper got him into trouble. Can you forgive him?” 


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