Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Magic Within Update

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“Let me start at the beginning,” Carmen said. “We are at a crossroads. Darkness and light, good and evil, happiness and sadness … the battle between them is never ending. However, at times, that battles bubbles to a head where one over powers the other. We’re at that desperate crossroads now. The last time we dealt with this battle, magic disappeared from this world for millennia. However, protectors, guardians of magic were created to save humanity.”

“And we’re the guardians of magic?” Bella asked.

“No. I’m a guardian,” Carmen said. “You and Edward are the future of this world. Together, you can bring magic back and save our world.”

“No pressure,” I snorted, scrubbing my face. “And we’re not human?”

“You’re not. Edward, you are almost purely fae,” Carmen said. “Your mother was a human and your father was the last fae warrior before he was slaughtered by minions of the darkness, of evil.”

“My birth father was slaughtered?” I asked, my heart shattering.

“He was. He was protecting you,” Carmen whispered, moving and kneeling in front of me. She reached out, wiping my cheek and smiling softly. “He couldn’t be a part of your life because of the dangers of his station. But, he protected you as long as he could. His final act was to put a binding spell on your powers so you could grow up as a human, allowing your powers to mature.”

“Did he love me?” I whispered, blinking rapidly. “I never really knew my mom and I thought my dad just abandoned me.”

“He sacrificed everything for you. He loved you and wanted the world for you,” Carmen breathed. “He wanted your happiness and he prayed that the world wouldn’t go hell like it did, but something happened that made the epic battle move forward.” She took my hand, rubbing my knuckles. “He loved you.” She stood back up, looking at Bella. “You are three-quarters fae. Your mother was a fae maiden, who loved a human man.”

“Is my mother alive?” Bella asked. “I lived with my father until he passed away.”

“Like Edward’s birth father, she stayed close by after she gave birth to you, but once she heard of your father’s passing, she faded away,” Carmen frowned. “However, she was royalty, like your father, Edward. The two of you are destined for more. You are bonded.”

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