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We left Peoria around the time we were supposed to take to the stage at the Civic Center. We arrived in Chicago a little before nine, pulling into the W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive. Edward and I weren’t staying there, but the rest of the crew and the band were going to stay at the hotel. We were going to be using the week and spending it at a brownstone Edward purchased on a whim. It was near where he used to live when he was child. With his strengthening relationship with his biological father, he wanted a place in Chicago.

However, us staying in the brownstone was a huge point of contention. There was no protection and extra security measures. I mean, we had a security system, but it wasn’t as safe as staying in a hotel, with Pandora roaming the hallways. We did come up with a compromise. Ryan was going to stay in our guest room and we were going to remain armed, at all times.

Senior was waiting for us at the hotel upon our arrival. He was concerned, hugging both of us tightly. “I saw your statement. Are you okay?” he asked me, looking at me with a warmth that I swore I’d never thought I’d see from Senior. A far cry from the man I met almost six years ago, who scared the shit out of me when we first met. “Tell me everything.”

“We will, Senior,” Edward said, his arm wrapped around my waist. “Just in the privacy of our own home.” I went to open my mouth but Edward shook his head. “No, baby. You’re on complete vocal rest.” I wrinkled my nose, nodding.

Even though, it was a lie.

With hugs and kisses from Jasper, Emmett, Alice, Nia and Kellan, we got into the SUV with Senior and Ryan. Senior drove us to the house, his brows furrowed. “Okay, what’s going on? You said to me that it would take an act of God to cancel a concert.”

“It was damn close to an act of God,” Edward growled. “There was a bomb threat at the Peoria Civic Center.”

“What?” Senior barked. “So, Bella is okay? She’s not under a doctor’s care?”

“I’m fine. I am suffering from vocal fatigue, but it’s nowhere as severe as Edward’s statement made it out to be,” I answered. “We had to come up with a valid reason to cancel the concert, but we didn’t want the public to know the real reason.”

“Please tell me that you have the authorities involved,” Senior said, looking back at us and giving a side glance to our bodyguard. “Ryan?”

“The FBI are involved,” Ryan grunted. “And Homeland, too. The stalker threatened the public. That’s an act of terrorism. Whoever is doing this is going to get in a shitload of trouble.” He blinked back at us. “Agent Torres will probably want to talk to you. He’ll be here at some point tomorrow after he’s had a chance to look at the letter, sending it to forensics.”

“Did they find a bomb?” Senior asked. “In the Civic Center?”

“No, but they’re still searching. They’ve moved to the convention center,” Edward answered. “It’s a huge facility, Senior.”

“With this threat, could you have even attempted to have your concert?” Senior whispered, his voice strained. “Edward, you should … this is getting very, very dangerous. Cancel the rest of the tour?”

“Senior … Dad, we can’t. Twilight Records has put a lot of money into this tour,” Edward sighed, tugging on his hair. “We’ve got a private security team. With the threat, local authorities and the FBI have been made aware of the situation. We’re doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of our fans, of our family.”

“We’re not going to roll over and cower, Senior,” I said. “I did that when I was stalked by my ex-boyfriend. I lived in fear and I lost a good chunk of my life – two years because of my fear of living because of Jacob’s infatuation with me. I hid behind my fears. Yes, this is on a larger scale, but I’m not going to hide. We’re not going to hide.”

Edward's Greystone

Inspiration for Breaking Midnight's Photoshoot

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