Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fractured Dreams: A Star Crossed Future-Take

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Once she was old enough, N’essie joined Galaxy Fleet. She went through her training and became a healer, a doctor, the first in her class in Galaxy Fleet Medical. Aboard the ship, Valiant, N'essie, along with her fellow crew mates are deployed to a battle along the Solarian/Romulan border. They are there to provide medical relief for the Solari people and help end the battle.

On one of the Solarian colonies, along the edge of Romulan territory, N'essie and her team of doctors, nurses and medics transport down to provide aide to the injured Solarian, Human, Talaxian and Cygnarian people living on the planet. In the midst of a raging battle, N'essie finds an injured man and instantly, her heart stopped, recognized the unconscious, broken Solari man as her mate. With the help of her staff, they do their best to stabilize him, but he's fallen into a deep coma.

Transporting aboard the Valiant, N'essie heals the man's wounds, but his mind is a jumble of memories, horrors of battle and a sweet voice, trying to calm him. N'essie begins her vigil by his side, trying to heal the injuries in his mind. However, she gets lured into his dreams, his mind, his memories. Will it be too late for N'essie, lost in the man's Fractured Dreams

“Momma, I can’t stay,” N’essie said as she packed her uniform. “I only had a couple of weeks of shore leave. I wanted to be here for Charel’s mating ceremony. The ceremony happened and they’re mated. I have to go.”

“We never see you,” Nirabelle, Empress of the Cygnari people, frowned. “You’re always on some sort of mission. When are you going to come back to Forx? To stay?”

“When I retire,” N’essie retorted. “Momma, you knew that the stars called to me. I’m so much like Papa. Besides, I have an important job. I’m the chief medical officer aboard the Valiant. Uncle Charanel is providing me passage to the star base where the Valiant is getting retrofitted with new phaser cannons. We’re leaving in an hour.”

“Bella, you knew that this was her choice,” Edward said, walking over to Nirabelle. He snaked his arms around Nirabelle’s waist, kissing her temple. “Where are you heading?”

“There is a border skirmish along the Solarian and Romulan border. They need medical assistance,” N’essie answered. “The Romulans are attacking defenseless colonies without any sort of provocation.”

“You be safe, N’essie,” Edward said, tugging his middle daughter into his arms and hugging her. She pressed her cheek against his muscular torso, inhaling his comforting scent of cologne, kinka flowers and the human musk.

Yes, N’essie was half-human, but the Cygnarian genes were dominant, almost suppressing her human side. Her hair was a warm bronze color, with pale skin and bright green eyes, all coming from her father. Her spots, pointed ears, slowed aging and acute vision and hearing all came from her mother. But, it was her father’s warmth, strength and poise that were the most prominent attributes to her personality and he understood her. So did her oldest brother, Charel, who also was a member of Galaxy Fleet, but took a year off to be with his mate, a girl from Ch’ich and daughter of a respected diplomat. Her mother was supportive, but did not understand the call to explore. She was happy to remain on Forx, only traveling to Cygnarian Prime when needed or on diplomatic missions with her mate.

“I’ll always be safe, Papa,” she said, pulling back and kissing his cheek. “I love you both. I’ll send you a subspace message once I get settled aboard the Valiant.” She hugged her mother, wiping away a few tears and picked up her duffel. Slinging it over her shoulder, she contacted the Cigno, her uncle’s vessel, requesting to be transported aboard. 



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