Monday, January 9, 2017

The One That Got Away Update

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“Shake a leg, guys,” Bella yelled as she finished packing the cooler. “The ferry leaves in forty-five minutes.”

Edward was loading up the SUV with the tents, sleeping bags and packing supplies. They were taking a ferry to the Dry Tortugas, camping on the island for three days. While they were there, they’d go snorkeling and relax away from the insanity of technology. Their cell phones were staying in the rental. This was deemed a necessity by Edward since Bella had been emailing back and forth between Jane and Alice about Bella’s revisions to Out of the Darkness. Edward took Bella’s laptop, reminding her of her promise about not working.

So, cell phones, laptops and technology were staying back in the rental.

The kids came down, their backpacks in their hands. “Did you bring your favorite games?” Bella asked.

“I have Chutes and Ladders. Liam brought Uno,” Lucy replied. “Plus, we have a couple of books, too.”

“Me, too,” Bella smiled. “Here. Have some breakfast. Banana nut muffins with fresh fruit.” The twins scrambled onto the stools, digging into their breakfast with tall glasses of milk. Bella finished packing the cooler. Together with Edward, they lifted it into the back of the SUV. The kids finished their breakfast and they drove to the marina. Parking the car, they loaded their gear onto the ferry. Nearly two hours later, they arrived at Fort Jefferson.

Unpacking their gear, Edward worked with Liam to set up the two tents. Liam and Lucy were staying in one tent, with Bella and Edward staying in another. They were in a quiet corner of the island, protected by trees and large shrubbery. After they got settled, they went to the beach and played in the water and conversing with several other families staying on the island.

That night, after they ate dinner and devoured an obscene amount of smores, the sun and being outdoors caught up with them. Changing into pajamas, the twins crashed and were snoring before the tent was zipped up. “This was a great idea, Edward,” Bella said as she slid into their larger tent. “It’s been forever since I’d gone camping.”

“You actually enjoy this?” Edward chuckled, removing his shirt and leaning on the sleeping bag. “I was panicking that you’d hate this.”

“Would I love doing this every day? No,” Bella giggled, who had already changed into her pajamas, a pair of shorts with a tight camisole while Edward was putting the twins to bed. “But, this is fun.” Edward’s eyes were glued to Bella’s chest, her nipples poking through the nearly translucent shirt. “Dr. Perv, eyes are up here.” She snapped at him, smirking -slightly.

“Sorry,” Edward said, pulling Bella to him and straddling her over his lap. “Can you be quiet? Silent?”

“Edward, there are people everywhere,” Bella whispered, her voice faltering as Edward’s lips wrapped around her earlobe. “Hmmmmm …”

“Makes it even hotter,” he purred, his hands slipping underneath the tight material of her cami. “I want you, Bella. I always want you.”

“Yes,” she murmured, crashing her lips against his. 

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