Wednesday, January 18, 2017

La Musica del Cuore Update

I'm posting this a day early since I'm going to be at work super late tomorrow night. I have spring musical auditions tomorrow after school. So, you get an early update! :-)

LMDC Chapter 13 Update on FicPad

LMDC Chapter 13 Update on AO3

LMDC Chapter 13 Update on STARS

LMDC Chapter 13 Update on FFn

“Mr. Moore, there was a package delivered to your room,” said the concierge as we walked into the lobby of the hotel in Washington. “It was from the record company. And smaller envelope, too.”

“I think that’s the single,” Kellan beamed, dragging all of us into the elevator. We made it into his suite that he was obviously sharing with Alice. He grabbed the box, tearing into it excitedly. “Yes! Listen!” He took the flash drive and plugged it into his computer, turning up the tiny speakers. It was an amazing mix of our duet and the song as a solo. “I’m impressed with the engineer. This is fantastic work.”

“You can hardly tell that my voice was dying,” Bella said, her voice still raspy.

“No talking,” I chided. She nodded, zipping her lips and twining her fingers with mine, idly running her finger across my wedding band. “I like how they morphed the two versions together.”

“From what I’m reading, this is going to be the single,” Kellan said, skimming over the letter. “It’ll be sent out to radio stations tonight and the single will be released next week. Both versions will be on that record you’re putting out at the end of the month with the instrumental and previously unreleased material.”

“The end of July?” Jasper asked, sipping some water.

Kellan nodded. “We need to do a photo shoot for the cover. Also, Rolling Stone wants to an interview with the band. They will meet up with us in Chicago and document our shows at Wrigley Field. I’m assuming that this is the letter from Rolling Stone, introducing the reporter.” He picked up the envelope, tearing it open and gasping. “The fuck?!”

“What is it?” Emmett asked.

“Call the police,” Kellan choked out, dropping the contents of the envelope on the bed. There were two pictures of Bella and I, photoshopped to look like we were dead. Bella’s eyes were milky and unfocused, with a gaping wound along her neck. I looked like I was charred. Or, at least, I thought it was me. Bella whimpered, wavering next to me. I took her, sitting her on the couch and crouching in front of her. “Go to your suites. I’ll handle this.”

“You’re not the one who has a picture of your corpse on the bed, Kellan,” I snapped.

“But it was sent to me,” Kellan barked back. “Go back to your suite. Your wife looks like she’s about to pass out.”

I turned back to Bella, who was white as a sheet. I scooped her up, carrying her to our suite. I took out her medications, handing it to her. “You’re okay, Bella.”

“They’re going to kill us,” she choked out. She gripped arms, her eyes wild. “I thought … I thought …”

“Shhhh, baby,” I said soothingly. “I know. I’m just as scared as you.”

“When is this going to stop?” she sobbed, collapsing against my chest. 

Lexington, KY

Rupp Arena


Banker's Life Fieldhouse

Peoria, Illinois


Peoria Civic Center (I'll be there next weekend!)

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