Thursday, January 12, 2017

La Musica del Cuore Teaser

Bella and I spent the entire bus ride working on the High Life, sending off what we’d completed to Larry and his brother-in-law. By the time, we pulled up to the hotel, Larry had responded, saying that what we’d written was perfect for the movie. Music had been photocopied and distributed to the musicians.

In the hotel, Bella was examined by another ENT to check on her vocal fatigue. It had improved, but he did give her exercises to work on, to help minimize the damage inflicted to her voice. She stressed that it would be in our best interest to take some time after the tour to allow Bella’s voice to completely heal. Using her pad of paper, Bella reiterated that we’d be taking a much-needed vacation and enjoying time off.

That evening, after it was inspected by the local police, we received the paperwork from Rolling Stone, informing us about our interview and the reporter who would be conducting the interview. It was someone familiar.

“Angela Cheney!” Bella sang, unable to contain her glee. “She’s working for Rolling Stone?

“It’ll be nice to see a friendly face,” I said, reading her biography. She’d worked for several different reputable newspapers as an entertainment reporter, getting hired as a staff reporter by Rolling Stone in the past year. She’d written articles about several popular artists and bands, even touring with them to get the story behind the story.

“Ben will be with her,” Bella smiled. “That’s such great news. I haven’t seen her since their wedding. I feel like such a horrible friend.”

“Bella, she knows how busy we are and she and Ben were shocked that we even showed up to their nuptials,” I quipped.

“We had to, Edward. We were in the wedding,” Bella snorted.

“Stop talking, Mrs. Cullen,” I said, poking her belly. “You need to take it easy.”

She mouthed sorry, rereading the letter from Angela and barely containing her excitement at seeing our college friends from Emerson University. Ben and Angela Cheney were married two years after us. Ben proposed at the beginning of the school year, at the first concert at The Chapel, but they wanted to wait until they were done with college. Angela got her degree in journalism, with a minor in photography while Ben got his degree in information technology, minoring in business. We’d stayed in touch, but it was through Facebook messages and emails. Ben and Angela were living in New York City and our home base was, at least at the moment, Los Angeles. 

Angela Weber-Cheney

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