Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate Update ... Complete on All Platforms

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“Are you sure you don’t want the china? I know I won’t be hosting any fancy parties in Phoenix,” Mom said, packing up the house. It sold relatively quickly and she was leaving at the end of the week. “I know that you do some entertaining with your job.”

“No, Mom. I have my own china,” I said.

“Renee, the basement’s empty,” Edward said, wiping his hands on his jeans.

“Everything is in the storage container that was labeled,” Ryan responded. “The rest, Lizzie and I will take in the rental truck. You have no idea how much we appreciate the furniture. Having two boys … it wreaks havoc on couches. Who would have known?”

“That’s because they use the couches as trampolines,” Edward hissed.

“This is true,” Ryan nodded.

“If you boys can grab the boxes out of the dining room, that would fabulous,” Mom sang. “They go into the moving van along with the tubs in the kitchen.”

“Mom, you have all of this muscle now. Who’s going to help you in Phoenix?” I asked.

“Renee, you’re great and I think you’ve got a cool daughter, but I’m not loaning out my hubby,” Lizzie snickered. “He’s got a ton of shit going on this week.”

“I’m using movers once I’m in Arizona. I just wanted to make sure the moving van and storage container were set up perfectly. I’ve moved too many times and had too many broken valuables to let some random jerks move my stuff,” Renee said, shuddering.

“You’ll call once you get to Nana’s, right?” I asked.

“Yes, Mom,” Renee chuckled. “I may be old but I still have my mind.”

“You’re not old,” Edward chuckled, carrying a tub from the kitchen. “What are you talking about?”

“And this is why I like you, Edward,” Renee smirked. “Go finish being my muscle.” He barked out a laugh and followed Ryan to the moving van. I looked around, trying not to cry. The house that I grew up in, it was almost completely empty, save for the furniture that Ryan and Lizzie were taking. The walls were bare. “Don’t be sad, sweetheart.”

“It’s just that … this was my childhood home,” I whispered. “I know a lot of bad shit happened, but I can’t help but be sad that it’s no longer yours.”

Renee took my hand, sitting us down on the steps since Ryan and Edward were trying to finagle the couch out of the front door with Lizzie trying, but failing, to guide them. “I know that you’re sad. I’m sad, too. This is the house that I made love to your father for the first time. You were conceived on that counter in the kitchen and born in the bathtub since we didn’t make it to the hospital on time.”

“Mom,” I moaned. “I don’t need to know that.”

“It’s the truth,” she snickered. “This house is filled with great memories of you and your dad. I loved him so much and it kills me not to see him on his recliner in the family room. I hate that I brought that monster here, tainting the good memories. I’m trying to focus on the good, but the bad makes it difficult. You left and went to college. You didn’t have to live here.”

“I couldn’t stay here,” I said. “Not with Asshole.”

“And I know that now,” she murmured, caressing my cheek. “Make happy memories with Edward. Remember the happiness here, not the sadness.”

Bella's Engagement Ring

Bella's Wedding Dress

Bella's present to Edward

Edward's Tattoo

The New House

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