Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate is LIVE

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“Swan,” Edward sneered as we waited for the elevator in the parking garage.

“Cullen,” I sneered back. I shifted my bag, trying to keep the heavy satchel from spilling onto the floors. The elevator dinged and Cullen pushed past me, causing my shit to fall all over the ground, including the proposal for Marcus for the new Hysteria Vodka label. I scrambled to pick it up, saving my work from being trampled on. Cullen just laughed as the elevator doors closed. I flipped him off, muttering under my breath. “Asshole.”

“Don’t let Cullen get under your skin,” said my best friend and partner in crime, Rose. She was also the personal assistant for Marcus Volturi, my immediate boss. She easily swept up the rest of my papers and cradled them to her chest. “He’s a douche canoe and I think he’s being particularly nasty because of that rash he caught from Skankya.”

“Ewwwww!” I groaned. “I don’t need to know that. I really don’t need to know that!”

“Well, it’s all hearsay. Who knows?” she said, waving her hands. “Did you finish that proposal for Marcus?”

“I did, but I need to reprint it,” I said, holding up a damp page of my proposal. “I think this is one of Cullen’s boats that stomped on my brilliant ideas. Why does he still work here?”

“Because he’s fucking brilliant and he brings in most of the revenue for Aro’s team,” Rose shrugged, helping me into the next elevator car. “Just like you bring in most of the revenue for Marcus’s team. You both are rock stars. If only you could get along.”

“Pssh, that’ll never happen,” I snorted. “We’ve hated each other from the moment we met at orientation.”

“Well, you know, there’s a thin line between love and hate,” Rose smirked. “Do you remember how much I hated Emmett?”

“And yet, you’re getting married,” I said. “Okay, okay. Both love and hate are passionate responses, but I truly hate Edward Cullen. It will never, ever change to love. Even if he starts shitting puppy dogs and rainbows, he’s an asshole and I want to shove my Jimmy Choo up his ass.”

“He might like that,” Rose cackled. 

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