Sunday, November 27, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

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Packing up my belongings and moving across the country freaked the shit out of me. My new job didn’t begin until mid-April, but I wanted to make sure that Bella and I were settled in our new home in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I decided to sublet my condo to Peter. He was taking a part in Hamilton, thanks to Lauren’s help. He’d live in my condo until his contract was up in the following year. 

“Edward, I don’t think we’ll need this mountain of winter weather gear,” Bella laughed in our closet. “I looked at the weather and it’s in the mid-seventies.” 

“We can leave it here. Peter said he was just going to stay in one of the guest rooms. He seemed squicked out at sleeping in our porn palace,” I said, poking my head in the closet. Bella was blushing, giving me a glower. “What? You have to admit, we’ve been going at it like bunnies since Christmas.”

“That’s because you’re horny,” she quipped. “And to be honest, so am I.” She winked at me, folding more of my t-shirts and placed them into an open suitcase next to her. “When will the moving truck get here?”

“They said early tomorrow morning,” I explained. “We need to get a move on.”

“Edward, we’re only moving our clothes and some personal items,” she said. 

“And my car,” I argued. “If there is one ding on that baby, I’ll be pissed.”

“I swear, you love that car more than me,” she laughed, closing the bag and standing up stiffly. She was getting stronger and was starting to take some beginning classes at my mom’s studio. Once we arrived at Los Angeles, Carmen was going to take over her training, working with some local dance studios. 

“I love you more than anything in my world, pretty girl,” I said, taking her into my arms. “Do you need some ice?”

“I’m fine. I was just sitting too long,” she said, kissing my chin. “I’m going to the gym with Jake in a bit. You have an office to pack up, mister.” 

“What are you doing with Jake?” I asked as she changed into a pair of yoga pants and a tight tank top. “You better not be running. Helga hasn’t given you approval to run yet.”

“I’m not running,” she said, twisting her hair into a messy bun. “Jogging, yes. Running, no. I’m also doing some strength training on my legs. Jake is gentle with me. I rather work with him than Helga. Ugh, I won’t miss her.”

“Helga did give us some recommendations to use in Los Angeles. She’s got a sister, Hildy,” I teased. 

“No. Thank. You,” Bella sang, putting on her sneakers and a knee brace around her left leg. “Alistair said he was going to have work with one of the physical therapists from the show. She’s new. Her name is McKenna and specializes in working with dancers with significant injuries. I have no doubt that she’ll whip me back into shape.” Her phone rang and she picked it up. “Jake? I’m on my way down. Just reminding Edward to pack up the office.” She kissed me and tugged on her winter coat. “See you in a bit, Jake.” Tossing her phone into a pocket. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours. The shredder has been emptied and the bubble wrap is in the dining room. Love you, baby.”

“Love you more, Bella,” I said, kissing her lips and watching as she breezed out of the condo.

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