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Two Months Later …

“Edward, you’re going to wear a hole into the wood,” Carlisle, my best man, quipped. “I know you’re anxious to say ‘I do,’ but pacing like a caged animal is not going to make time go by faster.”

“Anxious is putting it mildly,” I deadpanned. “This past two months have flown by. Ava is growing like a weed and I just want Bella to be my wife. I want us to truly start our lives together, as a family. I just feel like if both of them have my name, that nothing can take them away.”

“No one is taking your happiness away,” Peter smiled. “You just need to enjoy your wedding day. It’s gorgeous outside and in less than fifteen minutes, Bella will be walking down the aisle to you.”

“Edward just wants to get laid,” Emmett snorted. I scowled at him, tossing a pillow at him. Jasper smacked him upside the head. “What? You were bitching that you were horny while we were running this morning.” Both of them were groomsmen for the wedding.

“Yeah, I’m horny, but I’ve got a newborn,” I said. “Sex is the farthest thing on our minds.” Liar, liar, pants on fire. Bella got the thumbs up from her gynecologist earlier this week and me, acting like a horny teenager, wanted to be with her in the worst way. She looked at me the same way, but Ava was still puking up everything she ate and not sleeping well. Sex was truly the farthest thing on our minds.

Until tonight.

Carlisle, Elizabeth and Charlie were taking care of Ava while Bella and I were having a weekend away at the Seattle Swan Boutique B&B, in one of the contemporary villas. Bella was terrified that Ava was going to be a mess while we were gone, but my mom said that while we adored our daughter, we had to make our relationship a priority. And our wedding was definitely a moment for our relationship to become number one. So, Rose packed a bag for Bella and made all of the arrangements.

“Edward, it’s time,” said Liam, poking his head into the groom’s suite.

We were getting married on the same land as the B&Bs. The wedding was being held in one of the more rustic villas with a large backyard. I was in the lower bedroom that acted as the groom’s suite. Bella was upstairs in the master bedroom getting ready with her bridesmaids, Alice, Jessica and Rose, who was her maid of honor.

I went outside and stood at the altar. It was gorgeous, set back against the wooded land of the villa. The chairs were white with pale blue decorations, flowers and ribbons. I escorted my mom down the aisle as the string quartet played a beautiful song written by Jasper. I kissed her on the cheek, standing next to Liam, who was acting as our officiant. Jessica and Emmett came out first. The music continued and Alice and Jasper floated down the aisle. He was dressed similarly to me, with a light gray suit and pale blue tie. Alice had on a flowy dress in the same shade of blue as our ties. She held a bouquet made of hydrangea, roses and flowers I didn’t recognize in shades of blue, peach, pink and white.

Rose was escorted by Carlisle, carrying Ava in her arms. My daughter was in a white dress with pale blue bow around her waist and around her reddish curls. When she saw me, she squealed, reaching for me. I took her from Rose’s arms, cradling my sweet baby girl. “You can’t get married holding your kid, Edward,” Carlisle quipped.

“I’ll hold her until Bella’s here,” I said, my fingers gliding along her pale, alabaster skin. “Did you see Mommy? Is she beautiful like a princess?”

Ava cooed, her feet kicking excitedly. Mom got up as the music changed into another gorgeous Jasper original, taking Ava from me. Our guests stood up and I looked down the aisle. Bella was on her father’s arm. Her dress was strapless, cinched at the waist with pale blue chiffon falling away from her body. Her dress was elegant, but casual and fun. Her hair was curled with a sparkling headband. She held a large bouquet, mainly white but with blue, pink and peach accents.

My breath was blown away at how gorgeous she looked. My Bella was beautiful wearing sweatpants and my button-downs. But, seeing her in wedding dress, walking down the aisle to me, to become my wife.

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