Saturday, September 24, 2016

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“I’ve gotta pee,” Bella grumbled, shifting in her seat next to me at our doctor’s office. “They ask us to come with a full bladder and then make us wait. If we’re not called in two minutes …”

“Isabella Swan?” called the nurse.

“Oh, praise the lord,” Bella breathed. I helped her out of the seat and she waddled back to the examination room, by way of the bathroom to give a urine sample. After she peed, Bella changed into a gown and wiggled her feet. “My bladder feels so much better.”

“I can imagine,” I snickered. “Now, we need to decide. Do we want to know what the gender is of our baby?”

“There are so few surprises in life,” Bella said. “I think we should wait until nugget’s born.” She looked at me, pursing her lips. “Besides, it’s not like we can decorate a nursery until you’re done with school.”

“Bella, I told you that you can go back to Seattle. I know that you want to be closer to my mom,” I said, threading my fingers with hers.

“But, this is something that we should be doing together,” Bella pouted. “We should be putting together the crib together. Painting together. You know? I want you to be apart in the decisions for choosing the nursery furniture. I want to be with you while you curse and grumble while the crib is in shambles.”

“You make this sound like a sitcom,” I snorted.

“Okay, my imagination does seem like a sitcom,” Bella giggled. “But, you have to admit that it does sound perfect, right?”

“It does and we’ll get the nursery done before nugget arrives,” I smiled, pressing my hand to her adorable little baby bump. She was almost six months pregnant. She didn’t look six months pregnant. The doctor, Dr. Rollins, believed it was because of Bella’s small stature.

Speaking of the doctor, she walked in with her horn-rimmed glasses and a pair of scrubs. “How are my favorite patients?” she asked, walking over and washing her hands.

“I bet you say that to all of your patients,” I quipped.

The doctor gave me smirk, wiping her hands with the paper towels. “Only to the patients I really like,” she snickered. 

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