Monday, September 19, 2016

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One year later …

In my office in the San Francisco B&B, I was crunching numbers with Rose using Facetime. I had opened over twenty B&Bs on the west coast in California, Oregon and Washington. I was researching locations in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming for a more rustic aesthetic, with Rose looking into opening locations on the east coast. My clients loved having the personal touch of a B&B, but all of the high-end amenities of a Swan Resort. There were waiting lists extending past the two-year mark at most of the locations that were opened.

And Edward, in his brilliance, suggested offering the locations for small, private weddings. At several locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle and Port Angeles, those destination wedding services were offered by an expensive wedding planner, arranging for everything that bride and groom desired.

Swan Boutique B&Bs was becoming one of the fastest growing boutique hotel chain in the country. It was featured on several travel shows and that created even more buzz about this venture. With my attention focused on the Boutique B&B’s, Uncle Peter had effectively taken over Swan Hotels. With Edward’s support, we offered him the opportunity to make our partnership into an equal trio. Uncle Peter was the CEO of the hotel division. I was the CEO of the B&B division and Edward would be the tie-break, acting as CFO for both, utilizing his business and information technology degrees. Granted, Edward was still in school, working overtime to finish. He managed to cram almost two years of his education in one year. He had another two quarters to complete; he was going to graduate with honors.

It made for some lonely nights and some heated arguments, but the end was in sight.

Rose also got a promotion within the Swan Hotel empire, as well. She was so integral in helping make the idea take off that she was in charge of the B&Bs in Washington and Oregon. And when we expand the B&Bs to the east coast, she’d head up operations over there. Emmett, her now fiancĂ©, was accepted into the FBI. He was finishing up his tour with the Seattle PD, closing out another human trafficking ring in Seattle and then working with Agent Dean and his team in Washington D.C. I was sad that my best friend and former assistant was moving so far away, but thrilled that she found her happily ever after and very own prince charming.

“Bitch! You’re spacing!” Rose laughed. “Have you been listening to me?”

“Sorry,” I murmured. “I’m …”

“You’ve been distracted this entire phone call. Are you okay?”

“To be honest, I’m freaking out,” I said, sitting back in my chair. “I … I think I might be pregnant.”

“You and Edward?” she squeaked.

“No, Rose. The pool guy,” I deadpanned. Rose’s lips smashed into a thin line. “Yes, with Edward!”

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