Friday, August 5, 2016

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After Jasper and I ate dinner, we went back up to his suite. He didn’t want to be alone, nor did he want to go in search of Alice. However, when he arrived at his suite, Alice and Bella were waiting for us inside. Alice looked contrite while Bella appeared calm, but was seething on the inside upon seeing the damage to the room. I gave her a sympathetic look, but she was still angry.

“Ali,” Jasper whispered. “I thought you’d gone.”

“I did go. I went for a walk,” she said. “And then I went up to talk to Bella. She’s in a similar situation to me.”

“Not really,” Bella said, walking over to me and threading our fingers together. “Yes, Edward was a pawn in Esme’s game, but I’m not in a similar situation, Alice. It’s completely different.”
Alice sighed, walking to sit down on the couch. She pulled up her legs and looked up at Jasper. “I’m sorry about losing my cool.”

“This is more than losing your cool, Alice,” Jasper said, his voice icy cold.

“This is almost criminal,” Bella added. “You will be charged for the damages, despite our friendship, Alice. It won’t be cheap.”

Alice grimaced. We all settled in seats and she continued. “I was just trying to think of your needs, Jazzy. Being up here, you’re struggling and the nightmares, they’re almost abusive.”

“Did I hurt you?” Jasper asked.

Alice raised her sweater and showed several deep bruises on her stomach. “There are more on my legs and back, but you’re not aware that you’re doing it. I tried to wake you up, but you just thrash about, pummeling me in your sleep.”

“Alice, what Jasper is experiencing is night terrors,” I said. “You can’t wake him up. He’s stuck in that awful situation with Esme and her torment.”

“Alice, I’m sorry,” Jasper whispered, tears falling down his gaunt cheeks. “I didn’t know. If I’d known I was hurting you, I would have moved to the living room or into another room.”

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