Sunday, July 17, 2016

The One That Got Away Update

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Jasper was still in shock as Bella tucked into her salad. Alice chuckled quietly before giving Bella a glare. “So, have you come up with anything? If you’re going the BDSM route, I’ve found a few places we can go to research.”

“I’m not going that way, Ali,” Bella replied. “I refuse to be a sheep that goes down that path. It’s not me.”

“If Edward suggested it, would you do it?” Alice countered.

“Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock, if you want to continue being my literary agent, I suggest you stop pushing this,” Bella snapped. Her harsh tone broke Jasper’s gaze as he scowled at Bella. “Don’t you start, too. Your wife is pushing me to write something that I do not feel comfortable with.”

“Alice, stop being so Alice-y,” Jasper teased, tucking a hair behind her ear. “What are the ideas that you do have?”

“I sent you a word doc,” Bella replied. “It’s all there.”

Alice took out her phone and opened the email, nodding and smiling. “Okay, you’re forgiven for being a pain in the ass about the BDSM story. These are all great.”

“Which one should I do?” Bella asked. “I know where I’m leaning, but I’m curious what catches your eye.”

“The sequel to Mafia Princess looks intriguing. Spinning it to where Antonia is pulled back into the darkness of being the daughter of a mafia don and Caden following her. Plus, the sex scenes between those two are hot. That’s why it was a best seller,” Alice nodded, reading Bella’s notes. “However, the reasoning behind it would have to be clearer. Caden is an US Attorney and Antonia is a writer. How do they get lured back into that life?”

“Good point,” Bella nodded, popping in a piece of chicken. “What else?”

“I love the paranormal romance you’ve got going … the broken angel living on earth because he started World War II? That is just fucking interesting. I can tell that you’ve got the most notes on that one, even character names and a basic plot diagram,” Alice said. “Working title?”

Out of the Darkness,” Bella replied. “Their happily ever after will be a different spin on my usual. Did you see the ending?”

“No way! I think you need to do this one,” Alice breathed. “It’s dark, twisted, snarky and totally bad ass.”

For those of you who don't know, I am working on a paranormal romance featuring Edward and Bella called Out of the Darkness. I submitted the prologue and first two chapters for Fandom for Mental Health. Once I finish one of my works in progress, I will begin working on this in earnest. More than likely, once Buying Love is done; that's the story closest to being complete. Anyhow, here is the banner, created by Clo Rodeffer. Thanks, Clo! 

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