Monday, July 11, 2016

The One That Got Away Teaser

After spending the morning with his kids and dropping them off at school, nearly avoiding all of the vapid soccer moms, Edward put in a call to both Charlie and Jason. He was doing laundry when his doorbell rang. Starting the load, he walked to the doorway, seeing Charlie on his doorstep. “Morning, Chief,” Edward said, ushering him in.

“I got your message,” he said gruffly. “That bitch sniffing around again?”

“Yeah. Her attorney called me, saying that she wanted to see the kids,” Edward replied, leading Charlie to the kitchen. “Do you want some coffee?”

“You got that cinnamon shit?” Charlie asked, his mustache twitching.

“I only buy it for you,” Edward chuckled, popping in a Cinnamon Bun K-Cup into his Keurig. He grabbed the cream and sugar, putting it on the peninsula. “Should I contact my attorney about this? I left a message on his voicemail.”

“He won’t be able to answer until this afternoon,” Charlie said, taking out a pad of paper. “I saw him at the courthouse. But, it would be best to keep him appraised of the situation. Now, tell me what happened?”

“Yesterday, I got a phone call from this slimy lawyer, Aro Volturi,” Edward shuddered, putting the steaming mug of coffee in front of Charlie. “He sounded like one of those snake-oil salesman, desperate to make a profit, using the desperation of his clients to fill his bank account.”

“Aro Volturi is one shady attorney. So are all of the Volturi brothers,” Charlie grumbled. “They take the seediest cases and somehow win. I don’t think they are all that legal, if you know what I’m saying. Caius Volturi got that drug dealer, the one that murdered …”

“Allegedly murdered,” Edward snorted.

“He murdered them. Whatever, the drug dealer that murdered ten kids and caused several overdoses from his crap heroine, he got out on a fucking technicality,” Charlie growled. “My guys were on the ball and Caius ripped the case to shreds. Be careful with Aro. Make sure that you’re following every procedure when you’re working and taking supreme care of the twins. Though, that’s not a problem.”

“It could be, Charlie. Do want to know how many hours I work in a week?” Edward argued. “My daughter complained last night that she never sees me. Tanya can use that against me and then …”

“Whoa, relax Edward. She can’t. Legally, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She relinquished her parental rights,” Charlie said soothingly

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