Tuesday, July 19, 2016

La Musica del Cuore Teaser

“Ugh, don’t you own air freshener?” Emmett grumbled, waving his hands crazily. “The entire fucking bus smells like sex.”

“It does not,” Bella snapped. “You’re full of shit.”

“No, he isn’t. He stopped up our bus’s toilet,” Jasper groaned. “That’s why we’re in the ‘Den of Sin on Wheels.’ Frank is taking the bus to get the shitter cleaned out because of Emmett’s ginormous turds. Though, it does have a certain tang to the air. Did you guys fuck all the way down from Albany?”

“And if we did, it’s our business,” I said, sitting down next to Bella.

“You know what? Our sex lives are none of your concern,” Bella sneered. “If Edward wants to fuck me until I can’t walk, it’s our prerogative. We don’t need any comments from the peanut gallery. Don’t get me started on the nastiness that grew underneath Emmett’s bed when he was a kid and Jasper, I’m certain that Alice or Nia can spill the beans about some embarrassing moment in your life. So, can it!”

I chuckled, kissing behind Bella’s ear and murmuring, “I love you, Mrs. Cullen. Perhaps, we can work on that not walking thing tonight.”

“Don’t tempt me,” she purred, moving to sit on my lap.

We spent the afternoon, wandering around Philadelphia. Bella and I spent the afternoon at the Wellington Square Bookshop. We bought a slew of books and curled up in one of the various corners, reading, eating some scones, drinking coffee and just relaxing. It was a perfect day. Granted, we were disguised so we could maintain our anonymity, but I loved every second of it, lost in the prose of our books and just being.

If we could, I would have loved to stay there until we had to go to our hotel, but we had an acoustic performance at World Café Live. It was a private, invite-only party for a couple of local radio stations. Bella looked like a goddess, wearing a chiffon blue dress. Her hair was curled and pinned half back, displaying a pair of earrings that matched the dress. On her fingers, she wore her wedding band and the new ring I’d bought for her in Montreal. I gave it to her after our third round of making love on the bus, saying I only wanted to see her in the diamonds I bought her.

“Okay, we have our set list,” Kellan said as he pulled it up on his phone. “Ryan and Max took a look around and we’re in the clear when it comes to security. Ainsley and Greg are staying at the Wells Fargo Center, making sure that no creepy characters try to sneak onto our stage and wreak havoc. Tonight, there will be fans and photographers. Not to mention alcohol.” He shot a look at Emmett.

“I’ll behave. I swear!” Emmett said, holding up his hands.

Kellan narrowed his eyes, pointing at Emmett. “Anyway, this is a big deal because there are several radio stations represented. Sign autographs, take pictures, talk to your fans.”

“So, be awesome,” Jasper smirked, his arm behind Nia.

“Essentially, yes. Watch your language and easy on the PDA, porn stars,” Kellan snorted, looking at me and Bella.

“We can keep our hands to ourselves, you ass,” Bella laughed.

“And it does stink in here,” Kellan said, smirking at the both of us. “If only I wasn’t a born again virgin, I might be jealous. Oh, wait. I am.” Rolling his eyes, he got up and talked to the bus driver, who was pulling in behind the club. 

Wellington Square Bookshop

World Music Club

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