Monday, June 13, 2016

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After two weeks in the hospital in Port Angeles, I was transferred to a private rehabilitation hospital in Seattle. Every day I grew stronger, but it was a struggle. Every step of the way, though, Edward was with me. He supported me when I sobbed in pain from my muscles rebuilding in my legs. He was my cheerleader when I took my first unassisted steps. He caught me when I fell, which was quite often. He let me rage when I went off on my dad, who did take my advice and flew back Phuket.
He really did care more about his precious business than his own fucking daughter.


Uncle Peter stepped up, only after flying to Phuket to kick Charlie’s ass. He proudly said that he snapped my dad’s wrist.

To say my relationship with my father was damaged was an understatement. I never thought he’d be so cruel to me or to anyone I cared about. He was really so image-driven that me being injured and possibly paralyzed might negatively impact people coming to Swan Hotels and the bottom line. And don’t get me started on me being in love with an escort.

He was the one who pushed me toward getting an escort in the first place with his stupid reasoning that I needed a date for the opening of Swan Towers. If anything, he’s the one to blame, god damn it!

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