Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The One That Got Away Update

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After Edward dropped off Bella at her house after the reunion, he sped to his family’s jeweler. With Valentine’s Day, Edward wanted to get something special for his girlfriend and only Julio would have that special something. After hemming and hawing for over an hour, Julio suggested something called a journey pendant. It was perfect, but Edward was having a hard time deciding between the all diamond version or one that had sapphires along with the diamonds. Sapphires were Bella’s birthstone.

“Go with the diamond one and I’m not saying that because it’s more expensive,” Julio chuckled. “This is your first holiday with this woman, yes?”

“First everything,” Edward said, picking up the diamond pendant. “I don’t want to freak her out. That’s why I’m leaning toward the sapphire one.”

“If you want to get her sapphires, don’t get her this. These stones are not quality,” Julio said. “See how dark they are? Very occluded. Almost black. Not pretty at all.”

“Okay, let’s go with the diamond pendant,” Edward said, handing Julio his credit card. Julio gleefully wrapped it up, including a gaudy stuffed bear. That was definitely going to Lucy. Thinking about his children, he finished the transaction and walked out to his car. Edward dialed his parents, wanting to talk to his little cherubs.

When the phone picked up, their voices sang through the speaker of his car, “Daddy!”

“Hello, my little loves,” he smiled. “Are you enjoying Disney World?”

“It’s so much fun, Dad,” Liam said. “I love Epcot. They have this cool imagination place with all of these inventions.”

“I liked the different countries,” Lucy piped up. “Can we go to Italy, Daddy?”

“Someday, Lucy,” Edward chuckled. “I promise to take you to Italy.”

“Can we go to the moon?” Liam pleaded.

“I don’t know, Liam. That’s a tall order. Italy is a little more doable since it’s on the same planet,” Edward said, laughing quietly at his son’s outlandish request. “I don’t have access to a rocket ship. Now, are you two behaving for Nana and Papa?”

“Yes,” they sang. “Did you have fun at the reunion?”

“I did. I ran into a couple of my friends,” Edward said. “There was also one friend that I hadn’t seen since high school and it was nice to talk to her.”

“Did you dance, Daddy?” Lucy asked. “Treat her like a princess?”

“We didn’t dance, but I did treat her like a princess,” Edward beamed.

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