Sunday, May 22, 2016

The One That Got Away Update

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After checking out, Edward drove Bella back to her Dad’s house. They made plans for dinner at Edward’s home, to truly celebrate Valentine’s Day. They kissed in the car until Edward saw the chief glowering at him from the front window. “We better stop. Your dad may like me, but still has a permit to carry a gun and can shoot my ass,” Edward said.

“Was he staring?” Bella asked.

“Glaring is a more appropriate description,” Edward chuckled anxiously. “So, I’ll pick you up at six?”

“Yeah,” she blushed, kissing him chastely. “I’ll see you tonight.”

“Love you, sweetness,” he mumbled against her lips.

“Love you, too,” she replied back, kissing his nose. Grabbing the bag that Edward had packed, but was now filled with her dress and heels, she got out of the car and walked up to the front door. With a wave, she watched Edward pull away from the house, honking as he left. Bella let herself into the house, greeted by a scowling chief. “Charles,” she said coldly.

“Isabella, what is this? You’re sucking face in broad daylight? I don’t like that. Not at all,” Charlie grumbled.

“I’m twenty-eight, Charlie,” she said, walking past him and into her bedroom. “Edward and I are together and need I remind you that you like him?”

Charlie followed Bella into her room, sitting down heavily on her bed. “I do like Edward. He’s a good man, but he’s got baggage.”

“If you’re talking about his kids, Charlie, I will smack you stupid,” Bella deadpanned. Charlie shot her a wry look. “I know he has the twins. I also know that Tanya raked him over the coals. You have to realize that I’ve wanted this for so long. So has he! We’re going to make this work.” Bella put her hands on her hips, staring at her father.

“Okay, okay,” Charlie said. “I’ll lay off the protective father routine. I never got to do that when you were younger. I figured I could do it now.”

Bouquet from Edward

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