Sunday, April 24, 2016

The One That Got Away Update

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Bella was sitting in a first class lounge, waiting for her flight. She was reading her latest manuscript, editing before she submitted it to her publisher. She was anxious. Alice had given her a complete makeover, including new clothes, new lingerie, a chic new haircut and highlights. Bella was not comfortable with her new look, but it was growing on her.

The flight attendant announced pre-boarding and Bella got up, walking onto the plane and settling into her seat. She plugged in her earbuds, snuggling in for the day of travel ahead of her. Three flights and two layovers before she arrived in Tampa for the first since she graduated from Hillsborough High School.

Bella was the only daughter of the police chief of Tampa. She could have been the typical policeman’s kid and break all the rules, but Bella just liked to hide behind her books and spend her free time in the library. The popular crowd made her life hell, especially Tanya Denali. Her father, Charlie, had broken up more parties at Tanya’s home with underage drinking during her tenure as a high school student at Hillsborough High School. Instead, she just made herself scarce to avoid Tanya’s ire. Every so often, Edward Cullen, Tanya’s longtime boyfriend, would stick up for Bella. She was grateful for that, but Tanya would always manage to make Bella feel like she was a centimeter tall.

Though, despite the hell she endured in high school, Edward Cullen made it a little more palatable. When he wasn’t around his cronies, he was very sweet. Bella and Edward shared biology together and were partnered for a huge project. Edward was completely different and kind. He made her laugh. His crooked smile made the butterflies attack her stomach, and his smooth, velvety voice made her heart leap. She felt something for Edward, but because he was a part of the popular group and the crown prince of Hillsborough High School, they were never destined to be. 

Charlie Swan

Hillsborough High School

Charlie's House

Charlie's bedroom

Bella's Bedroom

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