Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good News and a New Fic

So, I decided to enter a contest. I had done a few: Pick a Pic, resulting in High Seas and a collaboration with Emotion Masen for So Darkness I Became. I also entered a Halloween contest with the Case of the Dead Ex. I never won anything. I just wrote the stories as a way to expand my writing and grow as an author.

High Seas helped with historical fiction and proved to me that I could write a story without smut. So Darkness I Became was so much fun, collaborating with Emotion. Our writing styles are so similar, but so different in the same respect. Being able to bounce off ideas and creating this creepy, dark and sexy fic, where Bella became the perfect mate for Edward. It was a lot of fun. The Case of the Dead Ex, it helped me to work within the constraints of the amount of words. I think the max amount of words allowed was 5000. I managed to complete the story at 4236 words.

Anyhow, the contest I entered was Get Your Southern On: Valentine's Edition and submitted a one-shot, The One That Got Away. I'm shocked and overjoyed at how I did in the contest. The story won third place, judge's vote.

On top of that, The One that Got Away also won first place for public vote! 

Thanks to Angel McCarty and Dinia Steele for hosting this amazing contest. I had a wonderful time working with you and feel honored to work with such talented writers, banner creators and betas. Huge kudos goes out to my beta and dear, dear friend, Bridget Derbeyshire and thank you to Clo Rodeffer for creating the banner for the story. 

I will be continuing the story and it will be posted as a drabble fic, similar to Renovations, Under Construction and Restoration. I will begin posting it once Restoration is completed, in the next couple of weeks. So, here's an extended summary for The One That Got Away. 

Bella Swan was dreading going back to her ten year high school reunion, over Valentine’s Day Weekend, for Hillsborough High School. Her time in high school in Tampa, Florida was not high on her list of pleasant experiences. She was quiet, unassuming and secretly in love with Edward Cullen. It was that unrequited love that forced her to move away to Seattle, as far from Tampa as possible. He never knew she existed. Or so she thought.
Edward was looking forward to his high school reunion because he was anxious to see the one that got away. Bella Swan was the quiet girl who never really interacted with anyone, but Edward saw that she was something special. But as ruler of the school, he had certain expectations to maintain. It was one of his biggest regrets. His life would have been easier if he had followed his heart. Now, he was a divorced father of two. His ex-wife, Tanya, who was his high school girlfriend, left him for a younger man and abandoned her children.
Will Bella be happy to see Edward or will she stay hidden amongst her classmates? Will Edward finally break the mold that was expected of him and open up his heart to the beautiful and shy Bella Swan? Will he be able to win back the one that got away?
I will be posting on Wednesdays and Sundays, with teasers on Mondays and Fridays. The first six/seven chapters are written (the one shot from the contest). Keep your eyes peeled for new stuff.

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