Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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Edward and Garrett were finally starting on the Banner’s renovation for their kitchen. They needed the distraction of a new project. They hadn’t heard from Bella in over a week. No phone calls. No texts. No sexy emails. Nothing. Edward naively believed that she was swamped with work from that adoption. Garrett had an inkling that she was back but avoiding them. Something happened after they left. Something bad. Something very bad that obviously caused her to rethink their relationship.

“Stop looking at your phone, douche,” Garrett snapped. “We’ve got to take these measurements.”

“I thought I felt it vibrate,” Edward said, smiling sadly at his friend. “It did, but it was just an email.”

“From Bella?” Garrett asked.

“No. Mrs. Cope. She’s wondering when we’re coming back,” Edward shrugged, shoving the phone back into his pocket. “Daniel is handling her well, but the Banner’s house is a bigger project.” They worked quietly, only speaking to bark out measurements. “Do you think that Bella doesn’t want us?”

“I don’t know, Ed,” Garrett muttered. “Something must have happened that totally spooked her.”

Edward bit back tears. “I miss her so much, Garrett,” he said thickly. “What if she …”

“We’re better off without her,” Garrett said coldly. “We were her playthings and if she can drop us like that than she’s not worth our trouble.”

“You don’t mean that,” Edward growled. “We were not her playthings. We shared something very special.”

FYI ~ I will be posting an extended summary of the third installment, Restoration, on Sunday. It will begin posting on Wednesday, so you will not have to wait long for the continuation of the Renovations trilogy. Keep your eyes peeled! 

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