Monday, October 5, 2015

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Bella smoothed her dress as the door was opened to the limo. I got out, offering her my arm and helping her out of the backseat. She had a confident little smirk on her beautiful face as the press took pictures of our arrival. She threaded our fingers together, smiling graciously for the cameras. I looked at her with adoration, playing the part of a devoted, loving boyfriend. With the amount of press that was outside of the hotel, it felt more like a movie premier than a hotel opening. 

Bella waved and led us into the hotel lobby that had been decorated lavishly for the occasion. “So many cameras and reporters,” I whispered.

“My dad is a local celebrity since he started from nothing and amassing this huge fortune,” Bella whispered back. “He had a few investors, but once his hotels took off, the investors got their return back, and then some. He never stopped. In fact, after my mother’s death, he became a workaholic, trying to forget all that he lost with the death of his spouse.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“Nannies,” she shrugged. “And a private school in Seattle that was more like a college than a high school.”

We walked through the lobby, smiling and greeting various people until we reached a statuesque brunette with a shorter, slender man with spiked hair. “Bells!” smiled the brunette. “I’m glad we went with the red dress. It suits you.”

“Thanks, Rose,” Bella replied, running her hand over the skirt. “I still think it is a little too much, but it does make a statement.”

“Girl, if I were straight, I’d do you,” said the guy. “But, I’m happily engaged to the man of my dreams. You are coming to the wedding, right?”

“For the millionth time, Jacob, yes!” Bella laughed. “I RSVP’ed to Seth last week. Yeesh!”

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