Monday, July 20, 2015

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

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His hands glided down my naked body, caressing, kneading and massaging. My leg hitched over his body, opening myself for him. His fingers moved from my torso to between my legs. “Hmmmm, so wet,” he growled, circling his fingers over my clit. “But, I want to taste you. Taste us.”

“Yes, Edward,” I moaned as he kissed down my body. His tongue traced my nipples while his hand teased my pussy. I was writhing, needing more of him. He smiled against my skin, sliding further down my body until he was between my legs. He spread them far, displaying my needy pussy. “Please, Edward. Lick my clit, taste me.”

“My dirty wife,” he purred, his nose running along the seam of my leg. He pressed open mouthed kisses to my thigh, moving ever closer to my dripping folds. With a rumbling growl, he slid his tongue along the length of my pussy. I gasped, my hands reaching for his disheveled hair. He rolled his tongue inside me, tasting my arousal. “Fuck, Bella. Tasting us together is so fucking addicting. I should lick your pussy after every time we make love.”

“Shit,” I moaned, widening my legs and pressing my sex further into his face. He eagerly continued to run his tongue along the length of my folds. His tongue felt amazing inside me, bringing me closer to my own release. He swirled the tip of his tongue on my clit as he pushed two fingers into me. I gasped, rocking my hips in concert with his slow, steady rhythm. His other hand gently squeezed my breasts while the orgasm built in my body. I could see our reflection in the mirror on the dresser and it didn’t look like us. My movements were sinuous, sexy and sensual while Edward looked so strong as he made love to me with his tongue. I watched us and seeing our bodies dance together like this made me aroused, my essence was pouring out of me and onto Edward’s face and our sheets. “Edward! God, harder!” 



Flowers for Kyra from Steve on her birthday

Their first date, at Navy Pier

Harry Caray's Tavern

Steve's promise to Kyra, the same ring that Edward gave Bella, nearly twenty years ago

Steve's support for his girl 

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