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Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

Moving Day and Difficult Conversations, Chapter 27 on FicPad

Moving Day and Difficult Conversations, Chapter 27 on TWCS

Moving Day and Difficult Conversations, Chapter 27 on FFn

Moving Day and Difficult Conversations, Chapter 27 on AO3

“Mom? Do we have any other boxes?” Kyra asked, leaning against the doorjamb.

“Did you check in the garage?” I replied, looking up from the book I was reading. One of the books that the studio wanted to be adapted into a movie. It was a werewolf story. It wasn’t nearly as interesting as Rose’s trilogy, but I could see it becoming into something interesting.

“I did, but the only boxes that I see are old shoeboxes from Owen’s shopping spree at Nike,” Kyra replied, wrinkling her nose. “Anywhere else?”

“What do you need the boxes for?” I asked.

“Toiletries and stuff for the bathroom,” she said, sitting next to me.

“I think that we have some plastic tubs in the basement,” I said, getting up from the couch. We went downstairs, finding the four tubs I knew we had. “How is the packing, Kyra?”

“All I have left is my closet. Dad, Masen and Owen are picking up the wardrobe boxes from Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper’s,” Kyra said, putting the tubs on her bed. She put her body lotions and body sprays into the tub. “Can you believe that I’m moving into my own place tomorrow?”

“I can’t,” I said, loading the towels, shower curtains and various soft items. “It seems like yesterday you were a baby and now, you’re eighteen and starting college.” I put her childhood blanket on top, tears brimming in my eyes. Don’t cry. Keep it together. Your baby girl is going away to college in Evanston, not Siberia. “Have you chosen your classes for the fall semester?”

“Yeah. I have eight classes chosen, but I only have to take five. I wanted to have some backups if the classes are filled. The options I have are English Comp, English Lit, Biology, Statistics, Research Methods in Psychology, Chemistry, Calculus, and Philosophy. All of them are prerequisites for other classes I want to take for second semester. I’m really excited to get into my psychology courses. The AP Psychology class I took in high school was so interesting.”

“You got credit for that class, right?” I asked.

“Yeah. According to the letter I received from my advisor, I tested out of PSYCH 110, Introduction to Psychology. I am able to take statistics first semester along with the research class, they go hand in hand, and then social psychology and developmental psychology second semester,” Kyra said.

“Do you know what type of psychology you want to study?”

“Clinical, counseling mostly,” Kyra smiled, putting the tub on the floor. “I want to continue my studies, getting my Doctorate of Psychology. I think I can really help people, Mom. Especially, with kids. Bullied kids. Seeing what happened to Mackenzie and how she turned on me. I want to know why kids bully and prey on the weak. I want to know how to help the kids who are teased relentlessly. I want to help! Would you and Dad consider having me as a consultant for the Foundation?”

“Get your degree first, Kyra,” I laughed, hugging her tightly. “But, I have no doubt that you’d be a valuable asset to the Foundation, Dr. Cullen.” 

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