Friday, July 24, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

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“Bella, we’ve got to get on the road,” Edward said. “With Marie and the caravan of people following us, it will take longer to get to the chateau. The five hour drive will take closer to eight or nine.”

“Sorry,” I said as closed my suitcase. “I’m just a little scattered. I feel like we’re forgetting something.”

“We’ve packed so much shit; it feels like we’re moving into the damn chateau,” Edward snorted. “Whatever we need, we can buy up there.” He kissed my lips, taking the suitcase that I had just filled off the bed. Marie was in her bouncy chair, watching her parents run around like chickens with their heads cut off. My Range Rover was packed to the gills with our luggage and necessities for Marie. Alice had already brought up my dress to the chateau. She was already there, making final, last minute decisions.

I picked up my daughter, changing her and dressing her in layers. It was chilly outside, but it would be warm in the car. It also didn’t help that Marie was recovering from a cold and was a stuffy mess. Carrying her downstairs, I placed her in the carrier. I was dressed comfortably in a pair of yoga pants and one of Edward’s hoodies. I wanted to be comfortable for this long-ass car ride. 

Chateau  Chantal

Traverse City

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