Thursday, July 23, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

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Emmett texted me that Garrett had finagled shifts once he found out I was coming to the house. The crews I normally worked with were now going to be on Friday so I could truly enjoy being at the house without having to worry about getting up for school. The second shift was more than willing to get back part of the weekend. I said I’d be there after my afternoon appointment with Molly.

The house was planning a huge cookout for the returning of the prodigal son. Bella even coordinated with Kate, Claire and a few of the other house wives for some sort of pot luck thing. She told me not to worry about it and to focus on my studies.

Which I did. Harold was a fucking bull dog with this damn project.

So, I took over because the guy was driving me batty with his constant texts, emails, phone calls and instant messages. The rest of our group was grateful and we managed to get the first part of our project completed after our anatomy lab on Thursday. We only had two more parts and the presentation to finish and those weren’t as labor-intensive as the first section.

After our lab on Friday, Harold approached me. “Edward?”

“No, Harold,” I snickered.

“Come on! You’re the only one who understands the inner-workings of the kidney,” he whined. “I 
have to be successful at this. I don’t want to let down my family. My girlfriend!”

“Look, Harold, I respect you for wanting to be so studious. I just can’t drop everything when you want to study. Again, I have plans today. I have physical therapy …”

“What for?” Harold asked. “You’re huge and muscular. You’re not into steroids are you?”

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