Thursday, June 11, 2015

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

A New Normal: Chapter 23 on FicPad

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A New Normal: Chapter 23 on TWCS

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We all clambered into the helicopter. Steve, as it would seem, was also a licensed pilot. We took off and flew back to our home in Wheaton. Well, a parking lot that had been cleared for landing before Steve flew the helicopter back to the city. Edward drove us back to the house. Owen, Mia and Masen were all waiting in the front lawn with a huge banner across garage welcoming us home. Johnny was with them, a look of relief on his face. We got out of the car and were immediately swarmed by our family. Kyra welcomed it, but I felt stifled and afraid. Edward must have recognized how I felt since I stiffened in his arms. He gently pulled us away.

“Why don’t we give Kyra and your mother some breathing room?” he suggested, holding me close to his strong body. “They went through a harrowing ordeal and probably want to get some rest.”

A choruses of ‘okay’ and ‘I love you’s’ resounded in the yard as Edward led us up the stairs. Kyra went to her bathroom. Edward guided me to our bedroom and into our bathroom. He turned on the shower, letting the water warm up as he gently removed my clothes along with his. I picked them up, tossing them into the garbage can. The smell from the house, sulfur from the gun and Jacob’s disgusting scent were buried deep in the fabric of my clothing. I could never wash it out. I would never wear those clothes again. Why save them?

Edward helped me into the shower stall. I shuddered at how hot it was, but welcomed it. Since I was taken yesterday afternoon, I felt so dirty. I wanted to boil Jacob’s grimy paws off my skin. He hadn’t really touched me inappropriately – sexually, thank God - but he wasn’t my husband. The way Jacob looked at me, leered at me, violated me. It made me feel used, tainted, dirty, and unfaithful. I wrapped my arms around Edward’s waist, trying to get closer to him. Tears filled my eyes and I felt sick, but Edward’s quiet strength was there. He will always be there. Edward adores you. My husband, ever aware of my needs, enfolded me tighter into his embrace.

“Bella, you can talk to me,” Edward whispered, his fingers combing through my wet hair. “What happened?”

I shook my head, not wanting to relive what had happened. Not so soon after I had experienced it. It was too raw. However, even Edward asking what had happened had caused my stomach to clench and my heart to race. Nausea rolled through my body. It took all of my control to not throw up in the shower. Edward, however, tightened his hold of me in his arms, swaying us under the gentle stream of the water. I quietly fell apart in his embrace. I didn’t want my kids to see how upset I was. I didn’t even want Edward to know what I was feeling.

It was a dark, dark place. A place where I was filled with fear and hatred of my ex-boyfriend who was obsessed with me. Fucking dog. I hated him. He should have suffered when he died. He deserved it, for all of the hell he caused us.

I’m so going to need so much therapy. 

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