Monday, August 18, 2014

Fandom for Christy

In July, one of our very own lost her husband. Christy Pellicano's husband lost his brief but intense battle with cancer. It was shocking, to say the least. And Christy needs our help. I am donating a one-shot for a compilation for a fundraiser for Christy and her family.

Fandom For Christy

If you are willing to donate $10 or more, you will get a copy of the compilation which includes many authors contributing to the cause. There is donation information on the site, but the fundraiser ends at 9pm (EST) on Tuesday, September 30th.

Here is a brief summary of the one-shot I'm submitting for the compilation...

Twenty Years Later: Return of the Nerds 
An ANSOL Outtake

On a seemingly sunny day in late August, Edward was checking his mail. Anything to get him out of the house, away from the colicky, puking twins. They were six months old and had thrown up on every solid surface in the house. Plus, some not so solid surfaces.

Kyra took six baths...

Tucked in between the cable bill and a circular for Costco was a nondescript envelope, emblazoned with the red and black logo of Edward's alma mater, Bradley High School. The Fighting Mustangs. He wrinkled his nose, hiding the envelope. He knew what it was. Edward wanted to avoid it. At all costs.

His twentieth high school reunion.

He hated the assholes he went to school with in high school. Why would he want to see them now?

Sneaking back inside, Bella, Edward's wife of nearly eight years, handed him a squirming bundle of his youngest son, Masen Anthony Cullen. Praying she wouldn't ask for the mail, he tossed the pile into his office. The rest of the day passed, Edward had to change shirts twice and Bella was at her wit's end. After they put the twins and their two other children, Owen and Kyra, to bed, Bella was rifling through their mail.

The Bradley envelope tumbled onto the ground. Bella picked it up, opening it eagerly. With a hopeful smile, Bella gushed, "We should go. We need a night out on the town."

Not able to say no to his wife, Edward nodded but nightmares of his hellish high school past flashed in his brain. Would his classmates still see him as this epic nerd or finally accept him as the genius he was? Looking at his wife, Edward knew the answer...and he couldn't wait to rub their faces into it.

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