Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

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“Bella, relax, gorgeous,” Edward cooed as I nervously worked in the kitchen. “You’re making me jumpy.”

“It’s a little hard for me to relax. Owen is out, on his own, on a date with Tasha,” I began.

“Steve is following them,” Edward argued.

“Still, he’s driving his own car. Something could happen. I have a strong feeling that something will happen,” I grumbled. “Secondly, your sister is coming over and we all know that it’s going to be fucking World War Three. She better have pulled her head out of her ass.”

“I hope she did,” Edward said, standing behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. “She’s got to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around Alice Whitlock.”

“What time is everyone coming?” I asked, leaning against my husband’s body.

“Around seven,” he replied, kissing behind my ear. “Demetri and Alex are staying at Jasper’s place, watching the kids with Oliver. Tim got called away on business last minute.”

“Hmmm,” I replied, twisting Edward’s ring. “So, it’s you and me, Jasper, Esme and Marcus?”

“Rose is coming, too,” Edward murmured, his kisses moving further down my neck until he reached the juncture where my shoulder met my neck. My head lolled to one side, allowing him ease of access and losing myself in his sweet kisses. “And once they leave, I want to make love to my wife. Show you how much I love you, gorgeous.”

“I know how much you love me,” I whispered. “You show me every day. You show our children every day. And I love you more than words can express, Edward.”

He turned me, gently cupping my chin and stared into my eyes. His golden orbs were filled with such emotion and love, that I thought I was going cry. Moving closer, he brushed his lips with mine and I just melted against his chest. He kissed me so tenderly, showing me how much he loved me in a way that was socially acceptable. My husband could be the sweetest man on the planet but he also had a wicked dirty mouth and could fuck me to oblivion. Right now, I was eating up his adoration, twining my fingers into his thick bronze, with a touch of gray, hair. We broke apart when the doorbell rang. Edward kept his hands on my face. “I love you, my gorgeous wife. Together, we’re going to get through all of this. My sister…Jasper…Jacob…we’ve been through so much. This is nothing.”

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