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“Bella, love, you’ve got to calm down,” Edward said as he got dressed in our luxury hotel room in London.
“This is craziness,” I said, pointing out the window. “I’ve never seen so many people. Look at all of those posters. I want to go home.”
Dolcezza, look at me,” he said, standing between the window and my worried self. “Look. At. Me.” My eyes move up to his and they were filled with concern. “I know you’re panicking. I am too. I’ve never done this. Seeing that is surreal. But your panic is different from mine, but regardless of what happens, I’m right next to you.”
“So will the rest of us. Now, sit your skinny little ass down so I can finish curling your hair, Masen,” Ginny barked.
“Ginny, you are not getting anywhere near me with that contraption,” Edward quipped.
“Not you. The female Masen,” she snorted. “Bella, I mean it!” I groaned, walking to the makeup chair so Ginny could curl my brunette locks. “Edward, go talk to your uncle about some sporting event. I need a moment with my girl.”
“I hate to burst your bubble, Ginny. She’s my girl. It’s legal and shit,” he said, wiggling his left hand in her face.
“Don’t make me throttle you,” she said, arching a brow. “Get out. Bella needs some girl talk.” Edward rolled his eyes, kissing my lips before leaving our suite. “Before I go into my diatribe about what’s coming at you, I want to know. How was your honeymoon? I’m totally jealous of your tan.”
“It was amazing, Ginny,” I breathed. “Everything a honeymoon should be.”
“Sooooo, you fucked like bunnies,” she giggled.
“Pretty much, yeah,” I smirked.
“Where did you go? I knew you were going someplace tropical with all of the swimsuits and beachwear that was packed,” Ginny smiled, curling my hair expertly.
“Turtle Island,” I answered. “It was gorgeous, Ginny. The water was warm, the villa was secluded and my husband was hot. I want to go back and never leave.”
“Did you take pictures? Do anything other than each other?” she asked, fluffing my hair.
“We took some pictures and enjoyed the spa. Other than that, we just really enjoyed each other’s company,” I blushed. “Honestly, it was amazing to be with him after not making love for so long.”
“You hadn’t since your attack?” Ginny asked.
“Nope. I freaked out. Panicked, really. I knew that Edward would never hurt me, but flashes of that night would invade my subconscious. We fooled around a lot, but didn’t make love until our wedding night. I felt like a virgin all over again,” I blushed, then giggled. “It didn’t last for long. We were going at it like porn stars, christening anything strong enough to hold up our body weight. It was amazing. Truly orgasmic. How are things with your guy?”
“Ugh, he’s being a douche. I love him and he loves me, but he’s not at the same level of commitment as I am. I’m not ready for marriage and babies and shit, but he still sees us as being somewhat casual. I told him that I was in London for your premier and would hope that he’d come to see me or I would visit him or something. He was on a date,” Ginny grumbled. “When he called back, he explained that she was just a friend but I don’t know.”
“Wow,” I frowned. “And you’ve said that you loved each other…”
“Yeah,” she snarled. “I don’t get it. I told him that I needed to think about my priorities. If he wanted to make it work, he’d show me that he loved me, more than just saying it. Whatever. I’m happy for you that you found your Prince Charming.”
“He is charming,” I sighed, looking back toward the door. 
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