Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

I arrived in the auditorium fifteen minutes later. I handed my jump drive to the technician who was going to show the previews of the games on the big screen. Jane was making sure that everything was in order, running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I asked if I could do something, but Jane just pushed me into a fully stocked green room backstage of the auditorium. I nervously waited for the presentation to begin. However, a ruckus outside of the green room piqued my attention.

“Miss, you can’t go in there,” grumbled a male voice.

“Jane gave me permission,” Bella snapped.

“You don’t have the right credentials. You are a part of the press. They have to wait until after the presentation before they can speak to the developers. Now, turn your pretty little ass and leave.”

Oh, hell no!

“Listen, you moronic, chauvinistic prick,” Bella snarled. I snuck out of the green room and slid between her and the massive security guard. I glared at his name badge.

“Morty?”I smirked. “I suggest you back away. My fiancée will not hesitate to kick your ass and from the shoes she’s wearing, it’ll be quite painful. Secondly, I suggest you look for another job because your actions and behavior are highly unprofessional, rude and…”

“Sexist!” Bella said, sneering at Morty. “My ass is great but the only person who gets to make any commentary on it is him. My fiancé. The man that Jane gave me permission to see!”

“What’s going on here?” Jane asked as she approached the standoff between Morty and me and Bella.

“This lunatic said that you gave her permission to come back to the green room. I told her to leave. Nicely,” Morty snorted.

“Liar,” Bella growled.
“I have a distinct feeling that I should believe her,” Jane said, arching a brow. “She may be press, but 
I gave her permission to see her Edward Cullen, her fiancé.” She pulled out her phone, pressing it to her ear. “Lenny, it’s Jane. I need you to rectify a security situation. Your guard, Mortimer, made some pretty scathing accusations to the fiancée of one of my developers. He needs to go. Permanently…Great! I’ll have a report to you at the end of the evening tonight, Lenny.” Jane snapped her phone shut. With a glare, she pointed to the door. “According to your boss, you are on leave until the official statements can be delivered to him. Lenny will contact you, informing you if you do have a job after the conference. Leave.” She snapped her fingers and Morty jumped, scampering away from the barely five foot Jane who looked like a child but had more bite than a prized pit bull. “Now, you two, use the next fifteen minutes to do whatever it is you do.” Jane smiled, turning on her heel to finish setting up for the presentations.

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