Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Picking up the Pieces Update

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After Edward left, I slid down the door. I felt incredibly foolish for having that breakdown in the grocery store. I felt even more foolish for inviting him into my house.

He wants to be your friend. He’s not going to try and replace Jacob.

“It could be another ploy by my mother,” I snorted out loud.

Your dad was the one who sent him to check on you.

Scrubbing my face, I lay down on the floor and tried to get the feeling of guilt to go away. My heart was not capable of anything but loving my children at the moment. Yes, talking to Edward was nice and he seemed intelligent and kind, but I’m not ready for anything. Not even friendship.
But, being with him made the emptiness go away.

“I’m so confused,” I moaned. Heaving my body up, I went back into the kitchen to finish drinking the coffee that Edward had kindly brought over. I sipped the warm drink, trying to calm myself. After a few moments, I managed to pull myself together and finished putting the food away. Pulling out the makings for chicken enchiladas, I started cutting up the veggies and frying up the chicken breasts. I hated to leave my children last night and I wanted to make it up for them by having their favorite meal tonight.

I was nearly done shredding the chicken when I heard a set of keys rattle in the door. Smiling, I walked to the foyer. My dad, wearing his uniform, ushered in my babies. “Mom! Guess what? Grandpa let us ride in the cruiser!!” John bellowed, running to me and throwing his arms around my waist.

“Did you get arrested?” I asked, ruffling his hair. “Driving without a license? Having too much fun at school?”

“No, I’m seven, going to be eight. I’m too young to drive and school is always fun,” John deadpanned. “It was cool, though!”

“I think you did get arrested. The charge?” I said, crouching down. “Being too cute and adorable for your own good.” I kissed his nose, earning me a groan.

“Mom, that was lame,” he laughed.

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