Saturday, February 8, 2014

Picking up the Pieces Teaser

“Hey, Bells,” Leah said, giving me a warm smile. “Do you want a plain manicure or no-chip?”

“I’ll go with the no-chip,” I shrugged.

“Pick a color,” she said as she handed me a swatch wheel. The red was pretty, but I was certain I’d get bored with it quickly.

“Go with the color,” said the tired voice of Esme. “You only live once.” I looked over at her and she was smiling. “It’s why my toenails are purple with pink and white paisley on the big toes. It’s my one indulgence.” She held her up her foot, displaying her toes.

“Very cute,” I chuckled.

“Have you decided?” Leah asked, sitting down with all the necessary supplies.

“I’m going with the red,” I said, pointing to the oxblood red swatch. “Can I also get something on my ring finger, too?” Leah beamed, nodding eagerly before she went to town on my fingers.

“Smart girl,” Esme chuckled. “Have some fun.”

“Thanks for the advice,” I said, shooting her a warm grin. “How are you feeling?”

“I’ve got good days and bad days. Today is a good day because I’ve got my middle son with me who was in desperate need of a haircut,” Esme barked, laughing lightly.

“Yeah, Edward. You look like a damn hippie,” Rose snickered, cutting his hair deftly.

“Excuse me for having hair that grows like a weed. I was just in here a month ago,” Edward grumbled. “Perhaps I should just shave it all off.”

“Nah, your head is too lumpy,” Rose teased, tugging on his unruly brownish-red strands. “Besides, most women would pay top dollar to have your highlights. Hell, I know I would!”

“And to think, when he was a baby, he was a blondie,” Esme giggled.

“Mom, please don’t pull out the naked bathtub baby picture,” Edward groaned. I snickered quietly. 
“No one needs to see that.”

“Yes, we do,” Rose laughed, bouncing to Esme’s seat. She took out a worn photo, sighing contentedly. “Awww, Edward, you were so pudgy as a baby.”

“It didn’t stop when he was a baby,” Esme quipped. “When did you lose your baby fat?”

“In high school, Mom,” he grumbled, shrinking in the salon chair.

“Do you want to see, Bella?” Rose asked, plucking the picture from Esme’s hand. I looked at it and Edward was too cute with these huge green eyes, very white-blonde hair and pudgy baby rolls. “It makes me want to rub his Buddha belly.”

“Very cute,” I replied, looking back at Edward.

“Where’s the nearest hole?” he groaned, tossing the drape over his head.

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