Saturday, February 22, 2014

La Cantante Repost

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After Charlie shared his news with us, we all worked to clean up the kitchen. We went into the family room to watch a movie together. Emmett sat on the recliner and I curled up next to Charlie. He held his arms around me and I sniffled as we watched White Christmas, a Swan family tradition. When the movie was over, Charlie kissed my forehead and headed to bed. Emmett went off to his room to call Rosalie. I curled up on the couch and flipped idly through the channels on our flat screen. I finally settled on a marathon of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine before I lay down on the couch. My eyes were drifting shut when my phone vibrated on the table. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Edward.
“Hey, Edward,” I said quietly.
“Bella, I’m so sorry about your dad. My father called me as soon as he got your email. When did you find out?” Edward said sadly.
“He told us today over dinner. Is your dad looking at his files?” I asked.
“Yeah. He told me that he is going to call your dad tomorrow. Is there anything I can do, beautiful?”
“You’re doing it, Edward. You’re being supportive and attentive. That’s all you really can do,” I said. “However, in all of this craziness, my dad did tell Emmett and me that he’s dating someone.”
“Really? How did you find that out?” Edward snickered.
“I was giving him shit about not having someone there to help him with his treatments. He told us that he was dating the widow of one his close friends. They’ve been together for about a year.”
“Well, that’s good that he has someone. With both of you away at school, it was probably very tough for him. Other than the news your dad shared, how was your day?” Edward asked.
“It was good. I ran my errand and it should be completed next week. Emmett and I got Rose a beautiful necklace. She’s going to love it,” I said with a smile.
“Anything else happen?”
“Well, when Emmett and I went grocery shopping, Emmett ran into Billy, Jacob’s dad,” I said, nibbling on my fingernail.
Edward growled over the phone. “Did you talk to him?”
“No. I hid. I was too busy focusing on not passing out to carry on a conversation,” I replied. “Billy did say that he hasn’t heard from Jacob since October. He ran away. He also apologize for Jacob’s behavior.”
“At least the fucktard’s father has some sense,” Edward seethed.
“That’s what I called Jacob. Along with asshat and bitch. Emmett teased me about using nonsense words to describe him,” I giggled.
“Well, that’s what he is.”

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