Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Next Chapter Teaser

Esme and I had formed a very close relationship once Edward and I made the decision to move. She stepped in for the mother that I lost. She was also my confidante when I struggled at being a single parent as Edward traveled between Chicago and Sherryville. Our bond was closer than what I had with my own mother or even Sue, who I consider to be my mom for all intents and purposes. However, Esme just radiated ‘mom’ and she was there when I had my breakdowns, when Marie, Lizzie or David had their tantrums and was just there.

Edward had rented a small, furnished apartment that he stayed at during his time at the hospital in Park Ridge. They were more than willing to accommodate his needs with flying home every other weekend to help with the packing and sale of our home. He’d work for two weeks and be off for four days before flying back to Chicago. We did spend a fair amount of time talking on the phone, Skyping and enjoying the amazing thing of Skype sex. That was the single most erotic thing I’d ever done in my life.

I needed a new laptop after that foray in quasi-public-exhibitionism. Okay, not really but getting myself off on the computer was all sorts of hot and seeing Edward stroke himself into a frenzy, even hotter.

Once we got an offer on the house, we worked quickly on making it happen and pushing it forward so we could be reunited. Though, there was a snafu in the timing. The offer we received was in the middle of February. Edward wanted me and the kids with him in Chicago, which I didn’t blame him. I missed my husband something awful, but I wanted to wait until the end of the school year. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me, the financing for the couple who purchased our house went through as we were having our end of the year parties in May.

Most of our belongings had already been moved to our new home in Park Ridge after we got the offer. Edward, using the money from when Mike and Renee got the bug up their ass for cash, purchased our house outright. We packed up most of the house that weekend after we closed and the moving truck took most of it away. We only had a few scarce items in the house in Sherryville. Those were packed up after the end of the school year and we were now finally unpacking in Chicago.

Living out of boxes for nearly six months…not highly recommended.  

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