Monday, January 20, 2014

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“Bella, baby, please? Open your eyes for me,” I faintly heard. It sounded like I was in a tunnel and the voice was miles away. Moaning, I squirmed. My body was in full-on panic mode and I just wanted to run away. However, I felt two strong arms around me, cradling me to a warm body.  Turning my head, I tried to get closer to him. “That’s my girl. Please, Bella?” His hands were caressing my cheeks.
I blinked a few times, looking up into Edward’s worried golden orbs. He was holding me against his chest, caressing my cheek with the back of his hand. “What happened?” I croaked. Sitting up, I noticed I was on the ground next to rental car and we were still in the cemetery…
Charlie! Is he still here?
“No! Edward, we have to go,” I said, trying to scramble out of his arms. I got up, standing on unsteady feet, come face-to-face with my father. He was nervously wringing his hands and looking at the ground, finding the grass to be very interesting. I turned and opened the passenger door, flopping into the seat. Edward got up, getting into the driver’s side and backing up. My dad looked up at us as we pulled away. His eyes were filled with questions but I couldn’t find it in my heart to care. “Get us as far away from here as possible, Edward,” I muttered.
“Do you want to leave Port Angeles?” Edward asked. “Check out of the hotel?”
“Yeah. If it’s possible, can we get a flight out of Seattle tonight?” I said, my voice sounding broken and small.
“I’ll see what I can do, dolcezza. Are you sure? We can go back and talk to him,” Edward whispered, taking my hand in his. “He was genuinely concerned when you fainted.”
“Too little, too late,” I spat bitterly. “How come he wasn’t concerned when I was in the hospital after being sexually assaulted? How come he never once cared about me while I was healing after the attack? How come…Fuck it. He’s a waste of space. Aro will walk me down the aisle.” I curled up in the passenger seat, stewing in anger. 
First Starbucks, where Bella and Edward met up with Charlie

Wedding location in Pam Springs, Korakia Pensione

Edward's birthday present for Bella


Esme's lingerie present for Bella, which she'll wear on her wedding night

Charlie's birthday present to Bella, her mother's wedding comb

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