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A Ilha Do Amor Update

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“I’m shocked that my sister is letting me move in,” Becca said quietly as she packed up her suitcases. “I thought she hated me.”

“Bec, you really think she would turn her back on you? I know that you and Maureen have had issues over your mom, but she’s still your sister and she wants you to be safe,” Bella said, hugging her friend. It had been three weeks since that night where Jimmy attacked Becca. She had stayed with us since then, but she missed the solace of her own place. With a loan from Bella and me, she got out of her lease, trashing everything in her apartment. Reaching out to her sister, Maureen had sobbed when Becca told her about Jimmy’s attack. They reconnected and Maureen opened up her home to Becca to get her back on her feet.

“I’m grateful for that,” Becca smiled. “I’m grateful for both of you.” She smiled softly, looking at Bella and turning to me. “Thank you for…”

“Becca, I love you. We had the room,” Bella smiled. “Now, what time is Maureen coming to get you?”

“Oh, Maureen isn’t coming. Danny is picking me up,” Becca blushed.

“Danny?” I asked, arching a brow. “The doctor?”

“Yeah,” Becca said. “He wanted to take me out for lunch before dropping me off at my sister’s in Tacoma.” She closed the suitcase and gave Bella a sheepish grin. “We’ve talked every night since that party. He’s a good guy and he knows that all I can offer is friendship, but he seems pretty much perfect.”

“I’m glad. Don’t be afraid of him,” Bella smiled.

“I’ll probably err on the side of caution, but we’ll see,” Becca said. The phone rang and I went to pick it up. It was Dr. Parker, Danny. I told the security guard to let him upstairs. Cracking open the door, I told Becca that her ride was here. She beamed, a crimson blush covering her skin. 

Alec Wright

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