Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

“Ugh, I hate my boss. He’s a douchebag asshole motherfucking shithead,” Bella snarled. “I can’t believe he put me on probation because of my article on domestic abuse! I mean, really! It was a fantastic article, Edward. There was even talk among my coworkers that I could be nominated for a Newsroom Award. Why is he such a jerk?”

“He’s compensating, Bella,” I said. “Your dad has found some things, but we’re still waiting on facial recognition.”

“What could take so long?” she grumped, moving so she could sit on my lap.

“I don’t know. Watch, Alec Wright is an African-American man who is traveling the world because he’s a self-made millionaire or whatever. He doesn’t even know that his identity was stolen,” I snorted.

“I hope that the real Alec Wright sues the fake Alec Wright for all he’s worth and that the fake one gets thrown into jail for a long time,” Bella snapped, burying her nose into my neck. “Hmmmm, you smell good.”

“You’re deflecting, Bella,” I snickered.

“I’m just trying to lower my blood pressure, Edward. Talking about Alec makes me so angry,” she sighed, hugging me close.

“How about we get out of the apartment? Go out on a date? Get some Christmas presents? Perhaps pick up some sexy lingerie for our time on island?” I suggested, nipping at her earlobe.

“Shopping?” she asked, arching a brow.

“We go shopping, have some dinner and then go to a movie?” I suggested. “Do things that normal couples do?”

“We aren’t normal,” she laughed, but sighed. “That does sound nice. Let me change into something nicer and then we can go. I have to get something for your family for Christmas.”

“What about me?” I pouted.

“I’ve already got your gift, Cullen,” she said, poking my stomach. “I went out with Paul the afternoon after my meeting with douchebag. We left under the guise of scooping a story, but we went shopping instead.” She got up off my lap and padded to our bedroom. Turning before she left the room, Bella smiled softly. “Thank you for being so amazing with Becca and with this whole situation. Most guys would have run away but you didn’t. Every day, I find something more that I love about you, Edward.”

“I love you, too, Bella,” I said. She winked at me before darting out of the room. 

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