Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Next Chapter Teaser

“Ren, be honest, how’s the board taking Edward’s leave of absence?” I asked.

“Felix was not happy when Edward called up the hospital after you were taken. He was ready to hire Dr. Shapiro permanently. However, it was Edward’s dad, Dr. Snow and a whole slew of doctors and nurses who rallied behind him. Edward is well-loved in the hospital. He’s a fair leader and his dream for the hospital is amazing. The board, ironically enough, voted Felix out and encouraged Carlisle to take his place,” Ren laughed. “Carlisle is starting in August as the chairman of the board. I think Esme is overjoyed, really.” Ren sat down and he removed my IV. “I know that there’s rumors that Edward is thinking about opening a private practice.”

“I don’t know, Ren. We’ve got several months before we make that decision,” I shrugged. “We’ve both got a lot of healing to deal with. I just want to know what the board said.”

“One of the women, Jane, who acted as the secretary, said that we’d be stupid to not give Edward this time to be with his family. We can’t lose him,” Ren replied. “The staff agrees. Like I said, he’s an amazing chief and I personally don’t want to see him go.”

“How’s Dr. Shapiro doing?”

“Fine. He’s pretty much doing what Edward wanted since he knows that’s in this role temporarily,” Ren shrugged. “It’s like when you have a substitute teacher. You know? You can’t make any changes since it’s not your classroom, but you’re in charge and are responsible for the decisions you make. It’s an awkward position.”

I nodded, antsy and eager to get home.

“You look like you’re about to burst. Do you need help?” Ren asked.

“I’d rather wait for Edward,” I blushed.

Ren smiled. “He shouldn’t be much longer. He just asked me to keep you company while he finished signing the paperwork with Dr. Shapiro.”

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