Saturday, November 30, 2013

Starlet Teaser

Bella gave me a scowl, but I kissed it away as I helped her into the limo. Speaking with Jared, I asked him to drive us to the house in the Palisades, giving him the codes to enter the gated community without my assistance. Getting into the car, Bella snuggled against me and our fingers intertwined. We didn’t speak. It was just nice sit and cuddle with my girl. Bella’s eyes were closed and she idly traced on my palm. With each innocent caress, there were zings of energy that went directly to my cock. Seeing her this relaxed and holding her in my arms, it caused the beast within to awaken.
Not tonight, ass clown.
I tried to imagine anything to quell my burgeoning arousal. Uncle Carlisle in a dress; Emmett eating a whole cow; Jasper playing the guitar naked. The combination of those three finally caused my erection to subside until Bella moaned quietly. One of those breathy, I’m-about-to-explode-with-pleasure moans she used to do when we made love.
“You okay, Edward?” Bella asked. “You’re awfully squirmy.”
I cleared my throat. “I’m fine, baby. Just, the hand thing and those moans you’re making, yeah…” I blushed.
She turned and looked down at the crotch of my suit. Pressed against the zipper was my very prominent erection. “Oh,” she cooed. “Do you want me to stop?”
“I’ve missed touching you like this; holding you in my arms, but if you keep doing what you’re doing, I may just bust,” I chuckled anxiously.
“Edward, I may not be ready to make love to you,” she began, “but, I am ready to try other things. I’ll stop you if I don’t feel comfortable. You know?”
“Yeah, but I don’t want our explorations to happen in the back of limo,” I said, kissing her adorable nose.
“I tend to agree,” she said. “But, we’re not driving back to your aunt and uncle’s place?”
“Nope,” I smirked. “I wanted to spend some quality time with you, minus my family. Just you and me. So, I worked with Aunt Esme, Emmett and Tanya to make this surprise happen, dolcezza.
She arched a brow as the limo parked in the circle drive of our new home. I had pulled some major strings to get the bedroom set delivered and set up for tonight. Along with that, I had a slew of candles lit in the bedroom and the bathroom. Bella probably wouldn’t want to bathe together, but the idea of her relaxing in our home made me giddy. Hopefully, she’d let me join her, but I’d respect her wishes if she didn’t.
“We’re at the house,” Bella said as she looked out the window.

“Yeah,” I blushed as I got out of the car, helping her out as well. “We’re not officially in yet, but I wanted to…um, be with you in here. Especially tonight, dolcezza. We just set a date for our wedding and I don’t want to necessarily deal with Aunt Esme, Alice and Tanya with their incessant chatter about wedding stuff. I want to enjoy that with you. Just us. So, yeah…surprise!” 

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  1. Awww, total sweetness. I can't wait to read it.