Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Next Chapter Teaser

“Daddy!” Lizzie yelled, running for us. She held something in her hand. “There was a letter in the playhouse. Do you think it may be from a prince?”

“Let me see that,” Edward said, taking the envelope from her muddy fingers. She stood there, waiting expectantly. “If it’s from Prince Charming, I’ll let you know.”  Lizzie harrumphed, running back to the playhouse. He opened the envelope, his face blanching as he unfolded the paper. “Fucking Renee!” He stomped away, pulling out his cell phone. “Sanchez!”

I fell back in my chair and pulled my knees up to my chest. “Mommy, was it a prince?” Lizzie called from her perch inside the playhouse.

“No, baby. Just some junk mail,” I replied, trying to keep my voice calm. I was anything but calm. My mother had decided to fuck with our lives. Again.

“Bella, can you come inside?” Edward called to me. I woodenly got up, walking into the kitchen. Edward had taken the letter out of the envelope, laying it on the counter. He was wearing latex gloves. “Read this but don’t touch it.” I looked at the letter, shocked at its contents.

You guys will never learn…


You think that I’ll just go away? I’m not going away until my demands are met. And since no matter what I say is causing you two to budge, perhaps threatening your children will get your asses in gear. The loss of a child is what is spurning this on…do you know who lost a child?

Anyhow, you have two weeks to come up with $15 million dollars. If you do not pay me that money, your children will join your ex-husband, Bella and your dead wife, Edward. You’ve got three of ‘em. What’s the loss of one, hmmmm?

Two weeks to come up with the money and admit your guilt for killing Mike, Isabella, or your children will no longer be on this earth. You will forever know what it’s like to lose a child. Or rather, children.

I’d hate to kill a kid, but you’ve forced my hand.

Two weeks.

The clock’s ticking and you have to drop of the money and your confession to this location in the park by your former school by June 20th at 7pm.

Don’t. Test. Me. 

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