Sunday, October 6, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

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Alice is driving me up the god damned wall. I love my sister, but fuck me…she needed to go home. It had been four days since they returned from Vegas. Alice had been staying with Bella and me. She refused to speak to Jasper. He blew her off and forgot to pick up Alice and Gianna. My sister was pissed. Fuck, so was I. When I helped all of my girls, Alice and Gianna included, get settled at home, I drove myself to Jasper’s house to rip him a new asshole.
He wasn’t home.
He didn’t show up to work the following day, either.
When he finally showed up to work three days later, well today, I pulled him into my office and punched him in the face, breaking his nose. It felt good. I was always considered a ‘pussy’ by my family but to do that made me feel powerful. Until I found out why Jasper wasn’t at work or at home or why he neglected to pick up his wife and daughter from the airport.
His mom was sick and had died.
They weren’t particularly close but she was still his mother. Jasper had flown down to Texas the day after the girls left for Vegas after he got a phone call from the local hospital, notifying him as next of kin. Everything happened so fast. Jasper’s mom, Delores, was placed in hospice and was on her deathbed, essentially. He had known for a few months that she was terminally ill with lung cancer. She had taken a turn for the worse over the holidays. The cancer had metastasized to her bones, liver and ultimately, her brain.


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